Partner Yoga: the (hilarious) animated guide

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tantric yoga couple

Nothing unites, inspires, or elicits palm sweat more than Partner Yoga. In the yogic olden days, yoga à deux was treated with reverence instead of modern times’ nervous giggles, tittering, thoughts of horizontal mambos, and creative eye-squints to imagine what your partner looks like naked. Busted! Whether you’ve paired up...

BRAHMACHARYA — meaning (learn sanskrit words!)

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learn sanskrit brahmacharya

The Meaning of Brahmacharya: In Sanskrit, BRAHMACHARYA is the blending of two words — Brahma (God, creation) + Charya (to follow). While common translations include celibacy and restraint in many forms, there’s an elevated meaning that perfectly encapsulates the guidance we seek. Brahmacharya = utilizing our vital energy/chi/life force, for...

christmas lights + yoga = magic

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christmas lights yoga upward bow wheel pose

Hot chocolate loves marshmallows, salt is happily paired with pepper, and peanut butter has jelly. Connecting our favorite things makes magic. This is what happened when I mixed two of mine: hanumanasana / monkey pose padmasana / lotus pose urdhva dhanurasana / upward bow pose / wheel bakasana / crow...

Bikram O’Lantern! { happy halloween yoga pumpkin }

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bikram choudhury hot yoga

Happy Yogaween! To commemorate this year’s trickery and treatery, I’ve carved up Mr. Bikram Choudhury, an homage to Bikram Yoga’s namesake. It gives me great goosebumpery pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Bikram O’Lantern: ✓ Top Knot ✓ 80s Headband ✓ Caterpillar Brows ✓ Smirk ✓ Lit from Within (due to...