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Which Yoga Superhero Are You?

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Perhaps the comic books, movies, and cartoons haven’t covered it yet, but who’s to say that these fierce heroes and heroines don’t practice yoga?! I think they do. In secret. Like magicians, they never reveal their most powerful secrets. Yoga enhances, elevates, and hones their superpowers! They are Yoga Superheroes....

What is your Secret Yoga Behavior (SYB)?

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In honor of the new moon, I am mooning you…figuratively, of course. You know, I’m showing you some of the goods. Remember that episode of Sex and the City (I know you watched SATC as obsessively as I did…and still do!) where Carrie and the girls all fess up to their...

Are you a Yoga Pusher or a Yoga Sensualist?

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A yogic pusher, that is. So maybe alert the yo po? The yolice? Er … on to the point. Yoga Pushers + Yoga Sensualists Joel Kramer (in Yoga as Self-Transformation) opened my eyes further to the fact that I fall into the category of what he calls “Pushers.” He believes...