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Bikram O’Lantern! { happy halloween yoga pumpkin }

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bikram choudhury hot yoga

Happy Yogaween! To commemorate this year’s trickery and treatery, I’ve carved up Mr. Bikram Choudhury, an homage to Bikram Yoga’s namesake. It gives me great goosebumpery pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Bikram O’Lantern: ✓ Top Knot ✓ 80s Headband ✓ Caterpillar Brows ✓ Smirk ✓ Lit from Within (due to...

barbiji { barbie as guru }

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As you have no doubt heard by now, our favorite pink-decked, golden-tressed, busty-breasted doll is a newly-minted Yoga Teacher. Though not yet confirmed by Yoga Alliance, Barbie’s 200-hour certification is believed to come from MattelWorks Exhale Core Power Studios. The news was met amongst the yoga set with dismay, spoofdom,...

4 ways yoga can help you deal with annoying people

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You can’t swing a yoga mat, a sassy arm, or a stylish bag without hitting at least one asshole. They’re everywhere these days — the post office, in traffic, even on Twitter. But this doesn’t mean you have to let them get your goat. Not when you have camel, cobra,...