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The First Rule of YOGA CLUB…

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yoga club soap

Listen up, yogis. You are not your body. You’re not your car, house, job, or your circumstances. You are not your pedigree or where you went to school. You’re not what you think or say. You are not your fucking yoga clothes. And you are not your monkey mind. Welcome...

christmas lights + yoga = magic

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christmas lights yoga upward bow wheel pose

Hot chocolate loves marshmallows, salt is happily paired with pepper, and peanut butter has jelly. Connecting our favorite things makes magic. This is what happened when I mixed two of mine: hanumanasana / monkey pose padmasana / lotus pose urdhva dhanurasana / upward bow pose / wheel bakasana / crow...

5 shocking real life things your guru/teacher/idol does

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Pedestalization is dangerous. I speak figuratively, however let it be acknowledged that literal pedestaling comes with hazards of its own. Were Michelangelo’s David’s wang to fall upon your innocent head, you wouldn’t soon forget the experience. These days, it would seem that d*cks are tumbling down, down, down from their...

6 reasons taking a yoga class is #@$*%&! awesome

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Yoga virgin? This list will pique your bendy intendy and push you over the edge. Old skool yogi/ni? Reminders of how good we’ve got it are necessary in life. 6 Reasons Taking a Yoga Class is Fucking Awesome: You get to wear your pajamas. Sweats, leggings, pj’s…it’s all the same:...

i’m one of shape magazine’s best bloggers of 2011!

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I got this amazing news a few weeks ago and sparkly rainbow confetti exploded from my chakras. True Story. ‘Twas terribly startling for the innocent bystanders, but heart-thrilling for me! I wanted to share with you because you made it rain. You inspire me, you make me laugh, and I...