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giraffe heart

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Giraffe ♥s can weigh as much as 22 pounds and be 2 feet in length. Amazing. Imagine if your heart was that big. That wide. That voluminous. Enough to power a 2,600 pound body. Or wonder, perhaps, what it would be like if we lived as though our hearts were...

freckles and scars and lisps, oh my!

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Once upon a time, I took a virtual trip to glean a few secrets from expert beauticians. Yes, I went to a beauty/makeup message board. I’m all thumbs with makeup and have always preferred to not have a bunch of foreign dust on my face. It’s a personal choice, ya’ll....

resolutions smesolutions { fie on’t! }

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I resolve to not f*cking bore you with my resolutions. Shit I won’t do. Plehs I don’t intend to follow through with. Crap which simply sounds good. Flowery, fluffy, fanciful f*ckwittitudes formulated to feasibly fail. So as a spirited knave, I say, “Fie on’t!” I have made concrete PLANS instead....