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I resolve to not f*cking bore you with my resolutions. Shit I won’t do. Plehs I don’t intend to follow through with. Crap which simply sounds good.

Flowery, fluffy, fanciful f*ckwittitudes formulated to feasibly fail.

So as a spirited knave, I say, “Fie on’t!” I have made concrete PLANS instead. I have also made ABsolutions.

Absolving = Letting Go.

My 2011 Absolutions:

  1. Let go of nebulous resolutions and instead plan with resolve. {Psychology Today approves}
  2. Drop-kick my fear of failure. As one of my quotable heroes {Thomas Edison} says, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  3. Cut loose the lightweights who don’t give as hard and as freely as I do.
  4. Zap the last 2% of me that cares if people think I’m oddbally or strangè. I will do/wear/say/be whatever I like, whenever I like, however I like!
  5. Quiet the football coach in my head and listen more to spirit.
  6. BE MORE ME. And unabashedly so.

I am flying high on freedom. With the help and successful execution of 1 through 6, it will last…like the glow of happiness. Now THIS is crunk.

Sewwww…what are your absolutions? Plans? Means of Mischief? Do tell.  :)

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13 Comments to resolutions smesolutions { fie on’t! }

  1. I love me some oddballery, in fact I got me some of that right now. ;)

    Go and be free! Do what needs to be done and shake yer asana wild in the winds. For you are YIFY, the brave and humorous. Aint no one gonna stop you, girl!!

  2. Best new years post yet! I can’t wait to get off my iPhone n back on the Internet via laptop so I can start in on writing some unabashedly moi-ness again meself!! Cheers!!!

  3. Love Love Love it.. and you darlin’!

    I sign up for being unabashedly me.. for wearing the yoga pants i want with the top i love.. even if they don’t match.. to not care of worry about people’s judgement of my new profession (surprising yoga teacher isn’t as widely acceptable as i thought)… My inner child, my higher self is gonna let her freak flag fly..

  4. Woot woot! I’m right there with you. I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in almost a decade. If I want to live my life better, I do it right away! Your absolutions are wonderful – go for it :D

  5. Lovin these – especially #2 and #3. Totally.

    I don’t make resolutions either – I just make a daily plan to go on being awesome ♥

  6. No resolutions here either! They suck! and they sometimes make us feel like we suck! I will have to up the percentage of #4 to 10% of me and drop kicking fear in the face has been a regular thing for me :) xo

  7. Silly mortals and their resolutions! I swear my head will explode the next time someone asks me what my resolutions are for this year (aren’t we setting goals regularly, people?!).

    P.S. Drop kick that fear, right in the b*lls! :)