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It’s been a good, yet rough week. Rough like Clinty’s signature stubble. Five days of “Go ahead, make my day” incidents, both positive and negative. Blow by blow / shot by shot …

The stuff that made me want to Make Someone Else’s Day, Dirty Harry-Style (picture my mug, I’m grimacing, grrr):

  1. For TT homework, I had to observe a 1/2 class this week. The room was overpacked with strangely aggro d-bags. Yeah, I said it. Truth. I was crammed into a little Lo ball in the corner. Didn’t matter. One of the aforementioned d’s decided to reach above my head in the cubbies, yanked out his yoga strap, and clanked me on my head with the metal part of it. Seriously?! He stammered out a “Uhm, sorry about that.” but I really, really wanted to kickbox his face.
  2. Same freakin’ class, trying to be a good student and observe, some lady comes in ridiculously late, stands right next to me, has eyeballs and can see me, and proceeds to bend over and take off her shoes, etc. with her ass literally two inches from my face. It really wasn’t my night. My yogic patience and ahimsa practice were being tested.
  3. Someone I love dearly is not being treated well or nicely by his so-called friends. I can handle myself just fine, but mess with my special people and you will be sorry. These are the times I get ninja up in this piece and mf’s disappear never to be seen or heard from again. But ahimsa, ahimsa, ahimsa, f*ing people’s sh*t up isn’t an option. Damn, why can’t yogis do a little roughing up now and again?! It’s for the greater good! I promise!

Let’s move on to the positive, Yogi Harry stuff. The things that really did Make My Day in a yogically awesome way:

  1. Kundalini was amazing this week! So uplifting and wonderful and thrilling. We had to shake it and dance around for a while and I actually relaxed a bit and shook my booty. It was more salsa than tribal, but I did it!
  2. Took a new-to-me class on Tuesday and the teacher said I had a “beautiful” standing split. Cool!
  3. After another class this week, a fellow yogini came up to me and said, “You have a lovely practice. You’ve been doing this for a long time, haven’t you?” We talked for some time and she asked if I was a teacher. Woot! I felt so grateful to receive such wonderful compliments. :)
  4. I was asked to demonstrate Salamba Sarvangasana in two different classes. I must be rocking it! All it took was shaking off my ego and adding blankets to my practice. Magic.
  5. My homework is going well. I finished my first sequence this week and am so proud. I practiced it a few times and feel confident about the way it flows. It’s logical, safe, and fun. (Lawdy, that sounds like a Durex ad.)
  6. My birthday is less than two weeks away and the bf is whisking me away to Big Bear that weekend. :)

I’m learning to offer it up. Working hard at non-attachment and saying peace out to the chitta vritti. So go ahead, make my day.

artwork credit: below the collar

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2 Comments to { dirty harry + yogi harry } go ahead, make my day

  1. Just look at the last week as some Yin & Yang practise. Life is a roller coaster, you are either going up, going down, going topsy turvy, or taking a hard turn. It pretty much is the way it goes.

    Now I do believe Yoga practise can help find those silver linings. If not then its time to use cunning.

    I hate it when my personal space is invaded as well, next time try saying to that person “do you have any flu medicine – I left mine at home” and see if you get some room.

    In ending I just have to say where o where did you find such a slammin pic of Dirty Harry. Its very film noir :)

  2. Frenzy, my man! Good to see you ovah hea yondah in my blog. :) Wise words from a kick-ass dude! I’m going to borrow the flu meds trick.