{ a yoga comedy routine? } you might be a yogi/yogini if…

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cowboy yoga

I’m channeling that one cowboy comedian today. “You might be a redneck yogi/yogini if…”

  1. you blather on and on about your practice to unsuspecting bystanders. oh lawdy, it’s a yogic drive-by!
  2. your non-yogi/yogini boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, sister, etc. now magically (and unintentionally) knows the Sanskrit names of most poses.
  3. half or more of your closet consists of yoga pants, sports bras, tanks, wraps, and yoga camis.
  4. the prominent men in your life are Patanjali, B.K.S. Iyengar, and T.K.V. Desikachar … and your boyfriend/girlfriend wife/husband sig other is a little green about it.
  5. you have a yoga blog. :)
  6. you might just promise your firstborn for the perfect, non-chafing, incredibly flattering, never-wears-out pair of yoga pants
  7. aside from practicing, you could read about yoga and wax yogi-poetic on Twitter all day. or is this just me?
  8. YTT, Namaste, sit bones, chitta vritti, jump backs, and chaturanga … all in a day’s conversation. Greek or hieroglyphics to everyone else.

Thank you, thank you, I’m here all week. (*and the crowd goes wild*)

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photo credit: Brock Cahill

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8 Comments to { a yoga comedy routine? } you might be a yogi/yogini if…

  1. your boyfriend can recall the first time he saw you in pants without an elastic waist band. (hand slowly raises…)