i got the chronic { knee pain } by the tree { pose }

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don't lock the knee

Let me first say that this body is pure, no drugs. Ever. That out of the way, I looooove me some Notorious B.I.G. I was listening to Big Poppa the other day and thinking about how much my knees hurt after a full weekend of standing-poses-focused TT and bam! The knee pain + the lyrics (“I got the chronic by the tree cuz”) = the awesomely appropriate title for this post!

Sometimes I think in strange iterations of lyrics, ok? This is how my brain works. :) Don’t judge, it isn’t yogic.

Tree pose (Vrksasana) sometimes makes my knees hurt. Trikonasana is especially hurty. I hyperextend in my arms and my legs. As I begin to tire in a pose, it gets harder to control. If you’ve got this limb type, you understand how incredibly challenging it makes our practice. You have to be extremely present and mindful in order to keep your parts in alignment and avoid hurting yourself. Many poses are tough with legs and arms that could belong to Gumby, including: well, crap … all of the standing poses!

Sure, the non-bendies out there are wishing they had this problem, right? Hey, pimpin’ ain’t easy. Besides, you guys are usually the stronger ones, you can hang out with ease in the Viras all day long. We bendies are generally not as strong. Ah, the world is in balance.

One of the gems I’ve picked up by reading Donna Farhi’s Yoga Mind, Body, & Spirit is to press forward toward the shin with my calf muscle. This makes my legs stronger without locking, and done with intention, nearly prevents knee hyperextension.

“To all the ladies in the place with style and grace” … we’re chronic { knee pain } free.

I love it when you call me Big Yogini.

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4 Comments to i got the chronic { knee pain } by the tree { pose }

  1. hahah awesome.

    i also love Notorious. :)

    (and yep, had a moment of le jealousy, but you’re right… i have gotten pretty strong- we all have our strengths :) ).

  2. Yo, yo, Big Yogini. Totally love this post. It is fascinating and somewhat comforting to me to hear that people have knee problems in certain poses. My knee pains come from hip opening/rotating poses (seated, not standing). I severely injured my right knee several years ago trying to force a version of pigeon. That was when I first started yoga – believe me, the word force is no longer part of my practice.

    Like you, I’m bendy, and my knees and elbows bend further back than they are supposed to. My friends call me the Circus Freak (lovingly, of course!). ;) But as you said, this makes many poses (especially Triangle) SO HARD for me. I have to hold on to my knees so carefully in those poses.

  3. Rachel: You are very wise, my dear. :)

    Eco: My kind of girl! He was/is the greatest hip hop artist of all time. The Greatest.

    Green: LoL! Love your intro! Damn that pigeon pose. That’s why a lot of studios won’t allow it to be practiced. It’s one of the most tenuous poses. I hope your knee is better now! Circus Freaks, holla! :)