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tapas asana fire
On the 29th day of December, yoga gave to me

ten tunes for tapas…

nine merry mantras }

eight gifts for giving }

seven chakras shocking }

six sirsas bobbing }

five moody mudras }

four heavy breathers }

three third eyes }

two turtle yogis }

and a yogini in the pose tree. }

Mr. Truffle Snowman says it’s hot in herre! His asana is on fire. No, not literally, but figuratively. That, and he is a master of building tapas — Sanskrit for heat. Tapas is the third of the five Niyamas { helpful + healing self-attitudes/practices we are encouraged to adopt }. If you’re full of chocolate truffles or other delectable holiday goodies, now is the time to get Tapasic:  heat your body in such a way as to cleanse it.

Intelligently sequenced asana combined with breathwork is my go-to for firing it up and Tapas-ing that asana. :P

10 Tunes for Tapas (a hot playlist to help you stoke the yogic fires):

  1. I’m Hot – { Erick Sermon }
  2. Canned Heat – { Jamiroquai }
  3. Hot Blooded – { Foreigner }
  4. Burning Down the House – { Talking Heads }
  5. Light Your Ass On Fire – { Busta Rhymes + Pharrell }
  6. Hot Child In the City – { Nick Gilder }
  7. Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex – { CSS }
  8. Hot Stuff – { Donna Summer }
  9. On Fire – { Lloyd Banks }
  10. Hot Spot – { Foxy Brown }

“So take it off like you’re home alone, ya know, dance in front of the mirror while you’re on the phone.” — Nelly

{ 2 more days! Mr. Snowman above is made of Harry & David Truffles. }

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6 Comments to ten tunes for tapas { the 12 days of yoga }

  1. I really want to eat Mr. Truffle Snowman. Your twelve days of yoga have all looked so yummy. :) And I need some tapas cleansing, so I’ll have to try out this playlist!

  2. Hey Hot Stuff – I’m always looking for good tunes for my playlists – so thanks for the suggestions! I so need to get Tapasic after all those holiday cookies I ate! I’m off to check out Music is my hot, hot sex…don’t think I’ve ever heard that one!

  3. Love it! I’m gonna have to put this playlist together immediately. Jamiroquai, Donna Summer, and Busta Rhymes all together? Yes, please!

    p.s. Truffles = awesome :)

  4. Sarah – Thank you! I’m not the best (or most enthusiastic) cook, but I’m getting to be a fierce baker. :P

    MLB – I got so excited when they used it in an episode of Sex and The City. It was so perfect. Definitely a feel-good song. Always cheers me up and mellows me out.

    Tasty M – I love that you’re using your kick-ass nickname! What did you think of Music Is My…? It cracks me up every time I listen to it. So fierce!

    Anna – Ohhhh yeahhh. We have similarly exquisite musical taste. :)

    Nikki – I’m having fun making these playlists for yoga. I am such a huuuuge music person, but haven’t ever posted my mixes. Feeling encouraged + pumped that you like them! :)