5 ways to strike up a convo in yoga { howdy, hello, namaste! }

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As friendly as most of us are, in yoga class we often become quiet little mice (exceptions: heavy breathers and the cell-phone-attached douchebags). Whether we’re taking some much-needed personal time, lost in our own private thoughts, or simply being snooty-patooties, we should consider being open to others. Yoga class is the perfect place to make new friends! Think about it, you’re in a room full of people you share at least one big thing in common with: your love for yoga!

5 Ways to Strike Up a Conversation in Yoga Class:

  1. Compliment (with honesty + sincerity) their practice and watch carefully constructed walls come down. Open your heart and spread some love. This is also an excellent pick-up line, but you know I do not encourage the bastardization of yoga class with shades of meat/meet-markethood. In addition, I wouldn’t utilize this friend-making method if your potential bestie is behind you. Suspicion may arise in the form of, “How the $#*& did she see me? Stalker with a pocket mirror or an ogling down dog?!”
  2. Talk yoga mats. This is akin to discussing last night’s football game or your hot new ride for yoga people. Whether it’s a friendly Manduka/Jade debate, the benefits of sticky versus cloth, or how comfy yours is, we can’t resist this topic.
  3. Ask where they got their kick-ass yoga pants/mala/tank/toenail polish. This is a conversational goldmine and you’re a shoo-in. If you share similar flair, you are destined for yoga palliehood. There is the possibility you may come across the occasional a-hole who says, “Um…I got it in x…” (where x is some obscure country you’re pretty sure doesn’t exist). If so, move along. Nobody likes a withholder, and fashion or yoga withholding is a crime. Down yoginis are true sharers.
  4. Crack a joke. Preferably a witty yoga one. This definitely sparks my interest in someone because I love to laugh.
  5. Ask where they normally practice. Fortunately, this doesn’t read like, “Do you come here often?” Yoga people are so, so passionate about their fave bendy spots. We’ll tell you every last detail, too, down to how they serve Yogi Tea, that the bathrooms are spotless, and who the best teachers are. If you have yet to find a home, this is an awesome way to make a friend AND get helpful yoga home hints.

Your good energy will draw people to you like yoga bees to yoga honey. Why, it’s already happening. Turn around. See that fun creeper eyeballing you and sidling up. Yup, that’s me. Hello!  :) Let’s be Yoga Buddies!

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10 Comments to 5 ways to strike up a convo in yoga { howdy, hello, namaste! }

  1. Lovely list. I always feel a wee bit awkward talking to yoga class peeps.Not sure why as I love talking with people. Anyway, great icebreakers.

  2. I also love, “what brings you here?” Sometimes it’s the teacher, sometimes it’s the stress in the lives, sometimes it’s dedication to the practice, sometimes it’s stuff only a psychologist can address…but it’s always going be interesting!

  3. The best experiences I had after or before practicing at a studio all happened because someone or myself started a conversation. Getting to know other students, even just a little bit was an extra motivation to pause everything else going on and attend a yoga class.

  4. haha! great piece, i especially like the “crack a joke” but don’t ask -did you fart in ddog before? even when everyone is open hearted this may not go well hahaha!

  5. I totally do become too quiet, and buried in my phone….
    Love this list! And I think yogis are so sweet, and kind, and want to socialize:-)
    Hugs, Terra

  6. Love this. I have really been enjoying the fact that the women in my classes are all starting to get to know each other. In fact it gets a little noisy before and after class :) I also got the opportunity to sit with a few of my students after class this week and really got to know a few of them better!

  7. before I became a teacher, I would ask “how’s the teacher” to break the ice… ok so I still do that when I’m at a different place. Also love the mat debate.