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Creepy Savasana

Because I attend The Church of Lo (uhm, the temple in my mind), I don’t really have anywhere to confess. So I thought maybe I could confess to you. I hope that’s okay. ;) This may become a regular thing, if I get good at telling the so very bad…

Confession: Sometimes, when all the sweet, silent little bodies in yoga class are lying there peacefully, enjoying a sumptuous yoga nidra, I am doing another thing altogether. I am thinking, “What if all these people in Corpse Pose REALLY WERE CORPSES.” Just me, myself, and I sprawled amidst a sea of uninhabited bodies.

Let me further establish my creep-hood by confessing to you that this doesn’t freak me out, like it probably would a normal person. Now before you have visions of projected necrophilia dancing in your head — STOP. It ain’t like that. I just find the thought…bizarrely intriguing. What would I do? How would I react? How did they get that way? Does yoga kill? What if they become yombies? (= yoga zombies. ok, ok, i made that up.) My overactive mind rains thoughts down like falling toe-tags.

Don’t leave me hangin.’ Have you ever thought any of those things? Or am I just loco? On second thought, let’s not answer the latter.

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13 Comments to confessions of a yogini { savasana + corpses }

  1. You’re hilarious, chica! Can’t say I worry or think about the possibility of everyone else being dead. BUT I’ve often thought about myself as a corpse in savasana. So there!

    Also, love “yombies”. :D

  2. I’ve felt the presence of dead people in a “hey, how ya doin’ kinda of way”, but I’ve never thought about what if everyone around me were a corpse. I don’t know that I’d mind if there were, as long as they’ve paid for class :)

    My only confessional fear in savasana is snoring and doing the falling asleep twitch, kinda like rigor mortis.

  3. You are the best. I have thoughts similar. Don’t judge, but, I have often thought of what people would think if I just got up and started running around the room, screaming. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I should think about yombies.

  4. when does your church have it services?
    It would be something wild to see a bunch of yoga zombies. Since yogis are not suppose to harm, I am not sure what they would be doing…

  5. You are too funny! I’ve never quite thought of dead bodies lying around me while in Savasana. We all have crazy thoughts at times but Yoga Zombies…starnge but very funny.

  6. oh lady you and i have so much in common.. i often think about this exact thing.. (unless i am next to a snorer.. Meredith i’m on the look out for ya) and my active imagination then goes to the place of what asanas i would do to ward off the yombies.. what would entice to not eat my prana.. or if i’m teaching and they are all laying there i often think about how weird it must look as i stand over the ‘dead’…

  7. Meredith’s “as long as they’ve paid for class” comment cracked me up!! I’ve never thought about what if everyone around me is a corpse, but I have wondered if, in their peaceful state, they can suddenly hear my thoughts loudly projected into their minds. And I have thought about how weird it would be to be a teacher, standing over all of these “bodies,” and if the teacher can hear our thoughts or tell what we’re really doing/thinking while we’re supposed to be peaceful corpses – and then I usually start to wonder what the teacher IS doing while I’m just lying there…Especially in a private session, when my corpse-self is really the only thing in the room.

    All of which is to say, I’m probably very bad at being a corpse, but both our monkey minds have awesome powers. ;)

  8. OMG, I have even weirder thoughts. You may ban me from this blog when I say it. I’ve thought a couple of times about how savasana would make the PERFECT scene for a crime novel.

    “Everyone was peacefully meditating in corpse pose…and the disgruntled former yoga teacher slips in the room silently, making sure not to let the door close loudly behind him…and all the yogis remain still as he walks through the ocean of peaceful bodies…and then…HE SLITS THE THROAT OF THE YOGI IN THE BACK ROW.”

  9. ha ha, my husband told me the other day that there was a fly buzzing around the studio during savasana, and he started imagining he was actually dead. I thought it was so gross! Can’t wait to show him this!

  10. kelly s, this comment has made my day. Now I fear if I think about this running and screaming thing @ my class I’ll have that uncontrollable laughter. And it’d be difficult to explain ppl what caused it.

    BTW when in savasana I think about corpses too.

  11. Svasti – I always think of you when I post. ;)

    Mere – Hilar! I have to say, I think corpses might be a little slack in paying on time.

    Kelly – Hello, soulmate. :D I have those urges, too. No shock there, right?!

    Dyamond – After making up yombies, I started writing a post on it. You’ll see! ;)

    Keishua – I’m thinking zombie yoga would be awfully jerky. Definitely couldn’t call it “flow.”

    Liz – Prana-eaters!!!!

    Sarah – I think we should start a corpse club so we can get some practice in. :)

    Leah – I’d never ban you! The weirder the better. You are in good company, here. :D BTW, I am obsessed with mystery/crime novels.

    Amanda – I’m thinking that was probably really helpful for this particular pose. ;)

    Alexandra – Don’t let Kelly fool you, she really does run around screaming in yoga class. She’s been kicked out of most studios in her area. She now has to commute.

  12. I see dead people when I’m seated at the front of the class while my students are in savasana :) Sometimes it’s weird to see dead people rising after the whole savasana. I’ve once had a teacher say “it’s like a rebirth… born again from the dead.” Really?!!