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YOGA GIFT GUIDE: serious about savasana

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yoga gift list: savasana

Giving the gift of Savasana is like helping someone open up to deep self-care, allowing for space and being, and tapping in to the magical powers of REST. Savasana is serious business. I love the idea of gifting loved ones anything that will support healing. Behold, all the things that...

christmas lights + yoga = magic

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christmas lights yoga upward bow wheel pose

Hot chocolate loves marshmallows, salt is happily paired with pepper, and peanut butter has jelly. Connecting our favorite things makes magic. This is what happened when I mixed two of mine: hanumanasana / monkey pose padmasana / lotus pose urdhva dhanurasana / upward bow pose / wheel bakasana / crow...

5 yoga poses to combat text neck

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At the age of 14, I was slightly boy-entranced. My Grammie used to joke that I’d get whiplash if I wasn’t more careful. Particularly luminous lads would often catch my eye (and crane my neck) as we were driving around. My head seemed to act of its own accord. Apparently...

6 Yoga Poses that Set the Mood for Halloween (boo!)

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Halloweenie calls for a spookety, skuuurry, chills-tastic set of yoga poses. These are spine-tinglingly perfect. Add a mask and scare the pants off your unsuspecting neighbors… 6 Yoga Poses for Halloween: { cat pose / cakravakasana } eeek! don’t let your path be crossed by this one… { noose pose...

5 of the Scariest Yoga Poses and Practices (eeek!)

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky  — not the Addams family, but a few choice chilling yoga poses and practices. This isn’t yoga’s doing. We are particularly practiced at getting ourselves worked up when we meet with shadows, dark corners, creepety sounds, and goosebumpy, hair-raising...