christmas lights + yoga = magic

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Hot chocolate loves marshmallows, salt is happily paired with pepper, and peanut butter has jelly. Connecting our favorite things makes magic. This is what happened when I mixed two of mine:

christmas lights yoga hanumanasana monkey posehanumanasana / monkey pose

christmas lights yoga lotus pose padmasanapadmasana / lotus pose

christmas lights yoga upward bow wheel poseurdhva dhanurasana / upward bow pose / wheel

christmas lights yoga crow pose bakasanabakasana / crow pose

christmas lights yoga sirsasana headstandsirsasana / headstand

christmas lights yoga sat kriya vajrasana thunderbolt posesat kriya / vajrasana / thunderbolt pose

christmas lights yoga half moon pose ardha chandrasanaardha chandrasana / half moon pose

christmas lights yoga catching radiance posearms extended, catching radiance

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lo of Y is for Yogini. MODEL: Lo. (usage guidelines + required crediting)

behind the scenes:

    — Blood, sweat, + patience: two shoots, many hours of work.
    — I have a smarting, bright red lightbulb burn scar in my thigh, attributable to lotus pose.
    — I was carefully, tightly, + artfully wrapped in 70 feet of christmas lights. 300 of them!
    — Manifested! I’ve had this idea lounging in my mind for years. Now it’s a reality.

It is a divine gift to practice, to be alive, to have the opportunity to glow, inside and out.

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21 Comments to christmas lights + yoga = magic

  1. Woot – YisforYogini is BACK!
    Lo – I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see this post this morning! The new site looks great and I’m looking forward to more of your brilliance.

    • Oh, how this made me smile! Thank you! :D I’ve been working on everything, slowly, behind the scenes. It is awesome to be back. I missed all of you!

  2. HOLY MOLY! LO! This is beyond SUPER FABULOUS — even compared to your usual “fabu-LO-sity”! I have been rendered speechless. You know what they say about how if one bonk on one’s head causes temporary disorientation, another bonk brings it right back to your senses? Well, maybe I need to see something equally fabulous — which could take a while — before I get to talk again. Maybe you did some of my annoyed friends a huge favor — they don’t have to put up with my words for a while! Jokes apart, this is “uber-cool”! I don’t usually ramble incoherently (at least that’s what I’d like to think), but this post of yours is making me do so. Right on, Lo, right on! :-D \m/ \m/

    • So, your comments are always amazing. I grin the entire time I’m reading them. You have the best energy! :D

  3. Love that you are back. Love that you decorated yourself with lights. Love the new love of YIFY.

    And last but not least, I love you!

    • I love YOU, miss Lizzie-Loo! I’m a little late to my own party, fashionably of course, but I’m here. Was thinking of you when prepping for relaunch. Figured you’d have a laugh that I’m two months behind schedule. I’ll never be on time. :P Big HUGS

      • Who needs to be on time when you make a entrance like this ;)

        You amaze me and inspire me! Xoxoxo

  4. so en-light-enment gave you a heart burn in your thigh. heh.

    I liek the photos, the ones that make you look ghosty. wonder what a time lapse photo between poses would look like. a galaxy or something. the milky way?

    stay lit :)

  5. yoginibunny

    I just saw this today, almost 2 months after Christmas. that’s brilliant! haha(pun intended) Lo, I have a feeling we took a class together at Exhale. I practiced there a few times last year, mostly with Annie before she moved to SFO. I’ve practiced a few times at Glo too. hope to meet you one of these days. you describe the LA yoga scene so well. I have the same ambivalent fondness for the LA yoga stuff – when I see your posts about these things, it’s comforting.