Meditation for Clearing the Subconscious (kundalini meditation)

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meditation for clearing the subconscious mind kundalini yoga
Clearing + cleansing ourselves of the junk we’ve been pack-ratting around is spiritually imperative. The subconscious mind is like a garden. Left untended, pesky weeds (buried thoughts + impressions) multiply and threaten to take over. Eventually, we find ourselves so full of haywire messaging, we forget to don underwear and start putting our spectacles in the fridge. Before you know it, life has gone commando!
Fret not, bosom yoga chums, for there is light. A powerful meditation to purify the inmost mind…

Heart folding kundalini yoga


  1. Begin in Easy Pose.
  2. Interlace your fingers with the thumbs resting on top.
  3. Bring your folded hands up to your heart center, palms face the heart. Hold your hands against your body and rest them there comfortably. (This is called “heart folding.” It is soothing + neutralizing.)
  4. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, then hold your breath in for 45-60 seconds. Focus your energy at the third eye and mentally chant “Har.”
  5. Exhale. Repeat 4 more times. (If you need a few normalizing breaths between the retained breath periods, this is perfectly acceptable.)
  6. When complete, inhale and exhale rapidly (2 seconds each for a total of six rounds), then relax.


If you cannot retain your breath peacefully + without strain for this amount of time, begin where you can. Work your way up. Respect your limits and don’t push. Your capacity will grow in time.

Meditation for Clearing the Subconscious as written above © Y is for Yogini, adapted from the original meditation created by Yogi Bhajan.

Har is the Gurmukhi word for the Infinite Consciousness, for Divinity, for God. Yogi Bhajan had this to say about the Meditation for Clearing the Subconscious, “Hold the precious breath of life. God shall be with you right away. This is a very powerful method of prayer.”

Sending you love + an uncluttered subconscious! As always, if you have questions or thoughts to share, I’m here for you.

(artwork credits: heart folding – 3HO; glowing mind – chakra healing)

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8 Comments to Meditation for Clearing the Subconscious (kundalini meditation)

  1. GREAT and so important- clearing the subconscious helps us to release the negative effects of the dialogue BENEATH the dialogue…love this, LO!

  2. Sabrina – 2013 has big things in store for YIFY. i’ll be back in full force! ;) xo

    Mere – that was the surge of lovely energy i felt! you are an amazing friend, my dear. love u.

    David – you always understand me. xo

    Rebeccca – we stress so much about the surface when it’s infinitesimal. good works done beneath that surface work wonders.

    Rachel – thank you, love! :D