Primal Power (kundalini meditation)

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primal power meditation kundalini yoga
Your own Primal Power is there, pulsing, poised to project from your core. It is time we tapped in deeply to our Prana. This kundalini meditation will aid you in finding + channeling your chi. Yogi Bhajan’s moving description:

“It is written that one who perfects this kriya can master death and old age. He can learn to transfer prana to another being for healing and even extend that person’s life. He will not be affected by his past negativity and no negative thought will penetrate his projection.”

Primal Power Meditation


  1. Begin in Easy Pose with your spine long and tall.
  2. Take Gyan Mudra. Palms are face up, resting on your knees.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Inhale slowly. At the top of the inhale, contract your Mula Bandha (rectum + sex organs). Pull in your navel center. Hold for a moment.
  5. Release these locks, exhaling fully and slowly as you do so.
  6. As you inhale, hear your breath in your mind creating the sound “SAT.”
  7. As you exhale, hear your breath creating the mental sound “NAM.”
  8. Imagine vast pranic energy flowing into your body from all sides, gathering at the navel point.
  9. See yourself bathed in light and projecting light.
  10. Continue this inhale (“Saaaaaat”; contract locks) and exhale (release locks; “Naaaaaam”) pattern for as long as is comfortable. If this is new to you, try 3 minutes.
  11. Close on an exhale, with a bow to the primal power within.

Primal Power Meditation as written above © Y is for Yogini, adapted from the original meditation created by Yogi Bhajan.

Questions, thoughts, anything to ask or share? I’m here for you.

(artwork credit: ann marie maxwell, with creative additions by YIFY)

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9 Comments to Primal Power (kundalini meditation)

  1. Hi there, excellent article.

    When I was younger I had this experience, there was a brilliant red and gold stream that arose from down within me at the base of my spine. It is certainly something very special and worth training for.

    I have practised meditation for twenty years (children allowing!), so this is not new to me.