sat kriya, check it and see { halfway through my first 40-day kriya! }

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I know, I know. That was my cheesy Kundalini-inspired spin on Foreigner’s Hot Blooded. It kind of works, right? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, brush up on your 70s rock. You’ll thank me for it. Today is day 26 of my first 40-day Sat Kriya! So I have to be honest, for the first 20 days, I wasn’t really feeeeeeling anything. Sure, my arms were getting a little tired after 11 minutes, my knees were creaking, and damn if my nose did not really, really want to be itched. But no…MAGIC. Last week, in typical Type-A frustration, I asked my teacher what I was doing wrong. I was Sat Kriya-ing for 11 minutes every night. And nothing. No major life shifts, no extra twinkle in my eyes, alas, the universe had not yet begun to sling its elusive fruits this way. I told her I had made a few modifications:

  1. Doing it at night, because I’m a night owl and that’s the time I have time.
  2. Sitting in Sukhasana, because my knees were killing me in Virasana.
  3. Saying “Sat Nam” mentally, because I couldn’t figure out how to breathe in and say “Nam” at the same time. { Let it be noted here that I CAN walk and chew gum at the same time. Very well, thank you. }

Here’s what she said…

Sat Kriya Tips:

  1. Do it in the morning.
  2. Sit in Virasana and use a really comfy pillow, bolster, or blocks to perch on.
  3. Say “Sat Nam” aloud. Just let it flow. Don’t think about breathing, don’t think about timing. Just do it. { I think it’s time Kia was approached by Nike, how about you? }
  4. Don’t expect anything. Just practice.

I trust her, so I did exactly as she said…ok, except for the morning part (I’m a night owl). Dramatic Difference.

Virasana creates the perfect alignment in the spine for this particular flow of energy. I’m now using two foam blocks with a folded blanket placed over them. Like buttah. No more hurty knees and I feel like a lightning bolt! And the vibration of Sat Nam along my vocal cords and the resonance through my mouth is powerful. It’s as if I’m really committing to “I am Truth.” And I am. My verbalization creates a bond, a contract.

What has your experience been with Sat Kriya?

If you just found this post and are feeling called to practice Sat Kriya, email me if you need support or just want to share! I’m always here to help.

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3 Comments to sat kriya, check it and see { halfway through my first 40-day kriya! }

  1. My dear, I have been sending you good vibes everyday for your Sat Kriya. I did attempt to join but I found after a week that it was firing up my intestines too much & I was getting spasming. I have the same trouble with kapalbhati & other intense breath practices because of IBS. I’ve dedicated my daily Nadi Sodhana to you & our pursuit of our unified truths. Much love

  2. Moment of complete honesty: I did my Sat Kriya about 20 or so days and then somehow lost it. :( I started up again yesterday…hopefully this time I’ll stick to it!

    I’m not totally sure if I was feeling anything either…no moment of complete realization or anything. I have only been doing three minutes, but even at the end of three minutes my skin is all clammy and my feet are asleep! At first I had some really bad headaches, and I wondered if Sat Kriya was the cause, but they went away eventually and I still don’t know what was causing them.

    Alright. I’m going to try to stick with it this time!

    You’re awesome – thanks so much for the yoga inspiration! :)

    PS Are you supposed to breathe in while saying “Nam”? I’ve been sort of breathing in between the words. Everything I read said the breath will regulate itself. Is there a right way to do this…?

  3. I LOVE mantras although I have never done anything like this. But I also found that they are only worth their weight in real, out-loud vibrations. So yummy.

    Loving hearing about this!!