YOGASCOPES (yoga horoscopes)

READ YOUR YOGASCOPE — Yoga Horoscope! a yogic astrological forecast with spiritually prescribed yoga practices to help you navigate each month with ease, grace, + verve.
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May 2014 for All:

This month is a curious amalgam of energies. The Sun is in Taurus, bringing a vibe of earthiness + sensuality. On May 7th, Mercury moves into Gemini — we’ll be communicating better, with clarity, logic, and honesty. The 14th’s Full Moon in Scorpio means manifestation of your passions (whatever those passions be — people, relationships, creative endeavors, business). When Taurus (Sun) + Scorpio (Full Moon) unite, expect sparks. Possibly, probably, likely in your loins.

Mars goes direct on the 19th — whew! It has been retrograde for a while now, so if you’ve been feeling like you were stuck in neutral, this is the culprit. Alas, no more! You’ll experience a physical moving-forward. Leaps and bounds. May is a month of EVOLUTION.

YOGASCOPES (Yoga Horoscopes) for Your Sign:

aries yoga horoscope yogascope:: aries yogascope ::
Your May mission is acts of kindness. Kind in speech, thought, action. Show your love, give thanks, mind your manners. Watch how others respond in kind.
Yoga: Practice heart openers (Ustrasana/Camel Pose, Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose, Urdhva Dhanurasana/Wheel Pose)

taurus yoga horoscope yogascope:: taurus yogascope ::
It’s time to break up with something. Perhaps it’s a bad habit, a person who doesn’t treat you right, or that one thing you need to release. Let go. Life is too short to clutch what doesn’t lift you up.
Yoga: Meditate daily, even if it’s just for 5 minutes

gemini yoga horoscope yogascopes:: gemini yogascope ::
May is your chillout fest. Keep it low-key, put up your feet, reeelaxxxxx. Downtime has been calling your name. Heed the call.
Yoga: Practice Savasana every day. Get really, really good at it.

cancer yoga horoscope yogascopes:: cancer yogascope ::
Let your heart lead the way this month. Humor it, encourage it, follow your heart wherever it goes. No judgment, just GO. See where it takes you.
Yoga: Chant “YAM” to open your heart chakra wide and set it free

leo yoga horoscope yogascopes:: leo yogascope ::
Your focus for May is to find things that are meaningful to you. Instead of letting work, relationships, et ceteras take up your mind space, you must quest for meaning. What is calling to you and how can you dive right in?
Yoga: Write in your journal every single day. Write anything + everything.

virgo yoga horoscope yogascope:: virgo yogascope ::
Meet obstacles head-on. Look ’em in the eye and conquer. You are fierce, brave, and you handle anything that comes your way this month so beautifully. May kicks ass for you — or rather, YOU kick ass this month!
Yoga: Graceful poses like Natarajasana/King Dancer, Vrksasana/Tree Pose, and Paraghasana/Gate Pose

libra yogascopes yoga horoscope:: libra yogascope ::
More than any other sign, you are feeling the Taurus Sun’s connective + earthy qualities. Intimacy is on every breeze, sigh, touch. Focus on truly connecting with your loved ones. It promises to be a rich, deep month.
Yoga: Practice Instant Heart Chakra Opener

scorpio yoga horoscope yogascopes:: scorpio yogascope ::
You are craving freedom. Create it NOW. Get open, get wild, go free. Everything you’ve pent up will dissipate, leaving nothing but exhilaration + joy.
Yoga: Walk or run outdoors, like a wild horse

sagittarius yoga horoscope yogascopes:: sagittarius yogascope ::
You are known for your natural athleticism + outdoorsy nature. So get outside this month! Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sunshine on your skin, come alive. It’s a MUST.
Yoga: Practice asana in the park, at the beach, in the open air

capricorn yoga horoscope yogascopes:: capricorn yogascope ::
Good, good, good vibrations! You are in a happy mood this month. Damn, it feels good to be alive, sparkling, and breathing! Share your glow with others — it’ll rub off, as you have tons of shine to share.
Yoga: Flow through Sun Salutations daily

aquarius yoga horoscope yogascope:: aquarius yogascope ::
Woo woo wanderlusty! Your yen to wander, explore, and get out and about must be satisfied. Make a list of all the fun, kickass things you want to experience this month and DO them!
Yoga: Practice inversions to add adventure + a shift in perspective

pisces yoga horoscope yogascopes:: pisces yogascope ::
Your creative juices are flow, flow, flowing for May. Like a bee pollinating fragrant flowers, you color everything you touch with art, flair, and beauty. Put your energies here. Create! Make! Voila!
Yoga: Practice Baddha Konasana and flutter your legs in this pose — it feels wonderful + activates your Sacral Chakra