a few YIFY yoga nuggets you mayn’t have perused yet { for your friday attention span }

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It has been said that Friday is a good day to goof off. I encourage you to read about yoga while you noodle and canoodle today. This makes the dorking around feel more spiritual.

Sometimes I write, aka make yoga graffiti, at YogaDork.com. I’m enclosing a few of my posts. I hope you find them entertaining and laugh enough to need new pants. :)

The Most Controversial, Scandalous Yoga Mats of 2011

controversial yoga mats

Harry Potter vs Star Wars vs Anusara Yoga

star wars vs harry potter vs anusara yoga

Yoga Teachers: 10 Tweets Guaranteed to Get You Fired

oh my guru omg

Real Yoga Beauties of Venice Beach (Say Wha?)

real yoga beauties of venice beach

America’s Next Top Yogini (Even Top Models Take Child’s Pose)

america's next top yogini

7 Rejected Yoga DVD Titles

ana brett is a douchebag

Whiskey-A-Yoga: The Yoga Drinking Game

yoga beer goggles

The Yoga of Cops (Whatcha Gonna Do?)

The Yoga of Cops

artwork credit: © Y is for Yogini; top photo credit: asksistermarymartha.blogspot.com

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2 Comments to a few YIFY yoga nuggets you mayn’t have perused yet { for your friday attention span }

  1. Oh, these are some of my favorites. I loved the yoga mat post. Cracked me right up. I have not read the The yoga drinking game yet. Off to do just that. Hope you are having a sweet Friday, yourself.