11 songs perfect for 11 minute kriyas { or simply for relaxation, meditation, + lounging }

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yoga music for 11 minute kriyas

Now that I’m sailing along in my first 40 day kriya (Sat Kriya), I’ve found that music can be the perfect complement to the practice. No one enjoys being buzzed out of bliss by a harsh alarm. Having a song that lasts approximately 11 minutes is the perfect timer. When the song ends, your kriya is complete.

11 Songs Perfect for 11 Minute Kriyas:

(click the song title to hear a sample at iTunes)

  1. Satnam: Reaching Your True Identity // 11:07
    { Artist: SatKirin Kaur Khalsa, Album: Universal Mantra }
  2. Jap Man Sat Nam // 11:07
    { Artist: Snatam Kaur, Album: Anand Bliss }
  3. Sat Nam – Energise // 10:55
    { Artist: Maya Fiennes, Album: Kundalini Mantras }
  4. Chakra Flow // 10:55
    { Artist: Dakina Mandarava, Album: Yoga Meditation }
  5. Samadhi // 10:58
    { Artist: Shaman Dream Project, Album: Kerala Dream }
  6. Vishnu’s Dream // 11:37
    { Artist: Swaha, Album: Vishnu’s Dream }
  7. Extract from Cloud Tress // 10:43
    { Artist: Midori, Album: Blissful Calm }
  8. Waves of Om // 10:56
    { Artist: Angelika, Album: Shiva Shakti Om }
  9. Aum // 11:22
    { Artist: Motom, Album: Active Agent of Sound }
  10. La Forme – King of the Mountains Mix // 11:31
    { Artist: Kraftwerk, Album: Aerodynamik Remixes }
  11. Sonata No. 8 d major 1777 // 10:57
    { Artist: Beethoven, Album: Beethoven for the Heart }

All songs can be purchased at iTunes. My apologies that some of the ones at iTunes require purchase of the whole album! It seems to be a trend that the longest songs in a set are “Album Only.” Perhaps you’ll find an album you like so much, that it’ll be worth it to buy the whole shebang. Also, some of the songs can be found at Spirit Voyage as one-offs. :)

These songs are also lovely for meditation, relaxation, and lounging around on a chill day. Enjoy!

artwork credit: Illusive Mind

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4 Comments to 11 songs perfect for 11 minute kriyas { or simply for relaxation, meditation, + lounging }

  1. It’s funny how crazy nervous I was doing my practice teaching during the training, and then in my first class I wasn’t actually nervous AT ALL! And there was a super-experienced senior teacher in my class too! (I just barely looked at him, that’s all :-p)

  2. Saving this, even though I’m still only doing the Sat Kriya for 3 minutes. I’ve found that if I just set my phone alarm on vibrate it’s quiet enough that it doesn’t totally disturb me, but not so loud as to shock me out of meditation.

  3. If you are travelling over to Spirit Voyage check out another one of their atists – Gurunaam Singh. I’m a big big fan of his. He does this awesome song “Naam” on his latest CD and it just uses that one word but is totally NOT boring.

    Both his CDs are played often here.