{ yogaworks teacher training } first weekend complete, body ouchy and stiff, mind full

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This past weekend was the first in my teacher training. I’m really happy it’s out of the way. Not to say I didn’t enjoy it (I did), but most firsts in life are foundational, providing a strong platform to build upon.

I have a ton of awesomely yogic things to blog about already, but here are a few quickie thoughts:

{ two-hour asana practices each day = so sore muscles, hobbling around the house today, i’m a stiff biff. }

{ it was wonderful to see Kia again, she has the most amazing energy. }

{ David Kim, who is Kia’s teaching assistant for this training, is excellent. }

{ i’m incredibly glad i chose the 6-month extended rather than the 4-week intensive or the 12-week. }

{ i’ve already met some sweet fellow yoginis. }

{ there is so much to learn. it’s overwhelming and honestly, i’m anxious about all of it. }

{ i do know, however, that this will be an interesting and immensely positive journey. }

This is where it hurts, lol:

pain points in the body

artwork credit: acesportinggear.com

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3 Comments to { yogaworks teacher training } first weekend complete, body ouchy and stiff, mind full

  1. Hi Lo – how was the format of the 6-month weekend training? That’s a big commitment to not be able to leave town on weekends for 6-months! Any tips/advice? Pros/cons? Flexibility on missing some weekends?