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YOGA TEACHER TRAINING: the animated guide

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YTT ain’t for suckaz. It’s for Hard. Ass. Bitches. We dun did our time. When it’s all over and you see the light for the very first time in decades years months um, hours, your mind flies like a bird set free. But instead of cruising around life and pooping...

7 Signs You Have the Yoga Teacher Training Itch

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It begins as a mere tickle. Which turns into a merry prickle. Fear not, you are not sickle…and this, it is no pickle. It’s the welcome mat to a brilliant trip-le. Learn to recognize the signs, so you may buy your ticket. 7 Signs You’ve Got the Yoga Teacher Training...

post yoga teacher training depression { pyttd }

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Post Yoga Teacher Training Depression (PYTTD) defined: a form of gloominess which descends upon a yogini or yogi after her/his rebirth during Yoga Teacher Training. PYTTD often occurs soon after the completion of training, the duration of which may vary. Symptoms can include confusion, frustration, feeling lost, sadness, and extreme fatigue....

shoulder girdle mantra { head + shoulders above the rest }

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Patanjali bless YogaWorks. The YTT curriculum is educationally solid. One of YW’s little gems… The Shoulder Girdle Mantra: sternum lifts widen across the collarbone shoulder heads back shoulder blades widen away from each other and descend down the back I find this extremely helpful from both the student and teacher...