7 Signs You Have the Yoga Teacher Training Itch

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doggie itching and scratching

It begins as a mere tickle. Which turns into a merry prickle. Fear not, you are not sickle…and this, it is no pickle. It’s the welcome mat to a brilliant trip-le. Learn to recognize the signs, so you may buy your ticket.

7 Signs You’ve Got the Yoga Teacher Training Itch:

  1. You feel the pressing need to go deeper. Not cliched deeper…we’re talking digging your way to China deeper.
  2. When faced with a book like Asanas: 608 Yoga Poses, your heart twinges and you get awesomely, nerdily excited.
  3. You find yourself inordinately preoccupied with the A’s: asana, alignment, asmita (ego), anahata (heart), anatomy, and ayurveda.
  4. Right at this moment, your life has to change. It must. You know you are at a crossroads.
  5. Your leisurely doodles look suspiciously like yoga pose stick figures.
  6. You’ve always got a list of questions for your yoga teacher after class. He or she tries to run and hide from you, but you’re a persistent little bugger.
  7. You secretly imagine how you would change/enhance/va va voom the yoga classes you take.


If you are laughing, blushing, and/or shaking your head yes, I’m on to you. And it’s time to scratch that itch.

(Welcome to the first of a series of kooky-but-hopefully-helpful YIFY Yoga Teacher Training posts. They’ve been percolating for a while, but mad love goes out to my East Coast homie Dave, for the gentle push I needed. xo!)

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19 Comments to 7 Signs You Have the Yoga Teacher Training Itch

  1. YES! This is me! I have dreamed about teaching yoga to kids, specifically to be able to offer sliding scale classes for kids with special needs. In May I was at a hooping retreat where I practiced yoga daily with a very inspiring teacher and it became clear to me that this is what I want to learn. This is what I want to offer the world. I’m thinking now I want to be trained to teach adults and kids. I’m excited, and having to pace myself and embrace where I am as a student.

    Thank you for your post. I look forward to the next one.

  2. My teacher at the time said to me “you should take YTT” and without a second thought I said OK. SO grateful I did!


  3. I’d once felt that way about step aerobics … really.

    May not be translatable to yoga if I now do yoga to be able to live with overuse injuries from doing a lot of step …

    But, yeah, there is such a thing as just being a nerd:

    #3, #6, and #7 resonate with me, though … as do the Yoga Sutras and other scripture …

  4. “You’ve always got a list of questions for your yoga teacher after class. He or she tries to run and hide from you, but you’re a persistent little bugger.” This made me giggle. Or trying to squeeze in a few extra practice sessions in the day to be able to corner the teacher for a little more time. ;)

  5. I love your post! As a teacher training school I guess we’re the ‘back scratcher’ ;-) No. 4 and being at the cross roads is what I hear the most from our students. Most surprisingly, I’ve found that in the past 6 months, many have lost jobs recently but instead of getting down, they’re seeing the opportunity to make a change and do something positive to help themselves and help others.

  6. 8. You wear yoga clothes even if your not going to class and make use of the ability to stretch and breathe in unlikely places throughout your day.

  7. Lo – so now I’m even more curious about you…are you a yoga teacher? Or are you itching to go through YTT? Do tell! Loving #6 – and as a yoga teacher I never run and hide – I just hope I can answer the questions :)

  8. I think I have that itch >.< Also, I really want that book now. Thanks for the recommendation ;) I would love to scratch that itch, 'cept I'm waaay too poor.

  9. @Nikki, I wouldn’t attempt that headstand drunk; then again, I can hardly do one (and all corners of a room are NOT equal because some floors are slopier than others … lol) … after more than 4 years of regular yoga asana practice …

    Ahh, again, if I were a little younger and this were step aerobics I would say, “Go for it, Tina” … I love to instruct people …

  10. I have been wanting to go through YTT for years. Unfortunately I have also been trying to find a way to afford it for years. Does anyone have any tips about finding ways to make it more affordable? Sometimes I worry that I’ll never be able to do it, and a financial shortfall just seems like the lamest reason ever to *not* be able to train to become a yoga teacher.

  11. like nancy miz Lo.. i scratched the itch once.. and like the good doc says,.. scratch it once and you can’t help but scratch it again and again.. one ytt leads to another.. and you just can’t help yo’self you just have to learn more.. oh wait that was pringles not itches.. oh well..