YOGA DUDES: the animated guide

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As a bro, you have to be a bastion of balance — steely, yet flexible…stolid, yet sensitive — to survive in today’s average yoga class. By default, the ladies think you’re on the make, you think you may be out of your element in a sea of estrogen, and let’s be honest, your stick and berries think for themselves. We admire your bravery. We welcome you with open arms and unfurled yoga mats. We take this opportunity, here, to make fun of you. Be honored. We know you can handle it.

Your Guide to Yoga Dudes:

Likes to break rules or just doesn’t listen (uh, ever), he ate a huge lunch before class:


Handstand time and he forgot to wear his junk-hiding/hugging shorts:


Male teacher gets TOOCLOSE during an adjustment:


Girl next to him passes gas. Shocked that beautiful feminine creatures do this in the wild:


Late to class. Door is closed:


The dude argument that never dies:


Falls asleep in Savasana, always:


Big ups to the boys out there — love sharing mat space with you!

(photo credit: men’s health)

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10 Comments to YOGA DUDES: the animated guide

  1. Hooray! Finally, someone accurately captures the varied range of emotions that we males are capable of! :-D

  2. What about a “omg nice ass” stare guy. I looked for an animated gif to match but… whats to animate lol. maybe some animated drool