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YOGA DUDES: the animated guide

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adam levine yoga

As a bro, you have to be a bastion of balance — steely, yet flexible…stolid, yet sensitive — to survive in today’s average yoga class. By default, the ladies think you’re on the make, you think you may be out of your element in a sea of estrogen, and let’s...

Happy Birthday to Yogi Bhajan

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Today is auspicious indeed. August 26th is Yogi Bhajan’s birthday. Although he is no longer with us in bodily form, his spirit is everywhere. Awesome Facts About Yogi Bhajan: He mastered Kundalini Yoga at age 16 and brought the practice to the U.S. in the late 60s. Wahe Guru! He...

yoga balls { um, the other kind }

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We have two guys (and nearly 30 girls) in Teacher Training. One mentioned in class how he really, really wanted to be able to do a forward split, Hanumanasana. He blushed as he said this and everyone giggled. It was suggested that he practice standing splits gradually and against a wall...