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Bouncy Balls

We have two guys (and nearly 30 girls) in Teacher Training. One mentioned in class how he really, really wanted to be able to do a forward split, Hanumanasana. He blushed as he said this and everyone giggled. It was suggested that he practice standing splits gradually and against a wall to work his way there.

Now, I don’t possess the fun little extras he does, but I can imagine that even if he were flexible enough to get into Hanumanasana, it may still be difficult. This line of thinking further spiraled into thoughts about how lucky I am to not have to worry about that kind of extra … baggage. Sure, there’s a lot to potentially complain about when you’re a girl, things that make life challenging, etc. But I also have a lot to appreciate and be thankful for, anatomically-speaking. Here’s my thanksgiving list:

  1. Any version of the splits is easy-peasy. I’m bendy and nothing gets in the way.
  2. I don’t have to worry about my equipment falling out of my pants/shorts/etc.
  3. The only adjustments I may require are pose-related (not anatomy-related)
  4. If I were to see someone I thought was cute in class, there would be no uncontrollable clues (mwaahahaha, so stealth!)
  5. The only thing twisting in my practice is ME

All of this takes me back to an old memory. My sister and I were pillow-fighting when she accidentally hit my then-boyfriend in his yoga balls. He subsequently turned pinkish-purple and had to go outside to “get some air.” We laughed like hyenas for days about it (hey! we were teenagers!) and the boyfriend was not amused.

This is not to say I wouldn’t laugh my asana off if something went masculinely awry in yoga class (blame my inappropriate sense of humor!), however, my heart really goes out to our fellow yogis. I have more respect for their extra challenges during practice.

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8 Comments to yoga balls { um, the other kind }

  1. Oh my gosh, girl! To funny!! And soo true! Had a guy ‘pop a tent’ during savasana… he never came back to class. Thanks for the morning chuckle :D

  2. OMG you crack me up! This post, and the above comment had me crying this morning. I love your blog!

  3. Cute article! Not to dismiss the “male issues” :), but I am a girl, and I always have issues with my boobs during my practice! I frequently have to lift and place them so they are not in the way (parivrtta parsvakonasana comes to mind). Or deal with getting choked by my cleavage in shoulderstand, or having the boobs get in the way during any sort of forward fold or low lunge (with the chest forward above thigh- not a lot of room there!)

    Not to dismiss the male issues- but us girls have some physical, ahem, hurdles of our own in yoga! :)

  4. I enjoyed this post. I’ve had occasions where I’ve had to make little anatomical adjustments or had something hanging out in the open. I don’t think anyone else noticed.

  5. Tommy Tadasana

    I’ve noticed a few top-heavy, pontoon-laden, couldn’t drown in a tsunami yoginis struggling to keep their yoga beach balls in check every now and again.

    Not that I was looking.

    And you do know what mat length is a great indicator for, don’t you?

  6. I dont understand this need for “adjustment” … you just mentally tell your parts where to go, doesnt everyone have this kind of control?

  7. Carrisa – Poor guy. Not the best time for camping, was it? :)

    Jodi – Yay! I’m glad you got a kick out of it. Nothing like a little ball action to start your morning off right. ;)

    Bob – You are always elegant. I can’t imagine anything gets in your way. :)

    Louise – I hear you, girl. I think my follow-up post will be Yoga Bewbs…or something like that. Stay tuned. :) Oooh, btw, I HATE both Utthita Parsvakonasana and Parivrtta Parsvakonasana. My nemesis poses. Not a boob issue, just hate ’em!

    Rick – If you were stealth, I’m sure no one noticed. Unless, of course, they’re creeps like me and Carrisa. :P

    Tommy – Not shocked that you’re here giving me shit. :) Don’t worry. I plan on covering (blog-wise) the beach balls. And I trust that you weren’t looking at all the colorful ones in class, though evidently you know so much about them. Also, I seem to remember that you have a HUGE black Manduka. Hmmmm.

    Frenzy – You have powers this world has not yet seen. You are so Jedi.