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5 yoga poses to combat text neck

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At the age of 14, I was slightly boy-entranced. My Grammie used to joke that I’d get whiplash if I wasn’t more careful. Particularly luminous lads would often catch my eye (and crane my neck) as we were driving around. My head seemed to act of its own accord. Apparently...

4 Reasons Pigeon Pose Makes You Cry

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Let’s face it, pigeons poop on people for fun (what, you thought those were indiscriminate excrement-shots?!), they’re awfully dirty, and they’ll chase you down if you have something delectable in your hand. It makes sense that yoga’s Pigeon Pose would make you cry or at the very least, bring about...

freckles and scars and lisps, oh my!

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Once upon a time, I took a virtual trip to glean a few secrets from expert beauticians. Yes, I went to a beauty/makeup message board. I’m all thumbs with makeup and have always preferred to not have a bunch of foreign dust on my face. It’s a personal choice, ya’ll....

yoga hips don’t lie

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“So be wise and keep on reading the signs of my body.” — Shakira We often ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us. Perhaps it’s time for the loo and you hold out a little longer. Maybe you’re like me, ignoring your need for sleep over many years’...

yoga balls { um, the other kind }

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We have two guys (and nearly 30 girls) in Teacher Training. One mentioned in class how he really, really wanted to be able to do a forward split, Hanumanasana. He blushed as he said this and everyone giggled. It was suggested that he practice standing splits gradually and against a wall...