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shoulder girdle mantra { head + shoulders above the rest }

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Patanjali bless YogaWorks. The YTT curriculum is educationally solid. One of YW’s little gems… The Shoulder Girdle Mantra: sternum lifts widen across the collarbone shoulder heads back shoulder blades widen away from each other and descend down the back I find this extremely helpful from both the student and teacher...

i got the chronic { knee pain } by the tree { pose }

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don't lock the knee

Let me first say that this body is pure, no drugs. Ever. That out of the way, I looooove me some Notorious B.I.G. I was listening to Big Poppa the other day and thinking about how much my knees hurt after a full weekend of standing-poses-focused TT and bam! The...

{ life’s parachutes } yoga + the diaphragm

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miss sixty ad parachute

  This past weekend I was steeped like a little yogi teabag in an anatomy intensive (part of Teacher Training). They really weren’t playing when they devised that title — anatomy is intense. Made altogether more intense by the fact that I was sitting next to a lady with gallons...

baby got { sway } back

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As a bendy gumby, I have a habit of sliding right into a backbend when one isn’t necessary. Teacher Training has already been enlightening on many levels, including this important element of proper form, and I’m thankful for each time I’m reminded with a gentle adjustment. The badass in the...