5 reasons you should be more than happy to pay for yoga class

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love is greater than money

I’m not a teacher, but I sure as hell believe that we must serve as the guardians of those who take care of us. Those who give with love, grace, freedom, and without expectation. The 90 minutes teachers spend serving as a spirit-elevating container for a room full of the distraught, the depressed, the repressed, and the emotionally weighed-down; this is priceless.

The take-away here is simple:

Asana up, ante up. Show yoga the money. Put your Jacksons where your practice is.

5 Reasons You Should Be More Than Happy to Pay for Yoga Class:

  1. Teachers are human. This means they eat, put gas in their cars, pay rent/mortgages, and work. Shocking! When you give to a yoga teacher, you aren’t financing their collection of Benzes and Lambos. You’re contributing to basic needs. None of us can serve with our foundational human needs unmet.
  2. They aren’t in this for the $$$$. Because that would be daft. Like going to Power Yoga and expecting teddy bears, kisses, and campfire kumbaya. It just doesn’t make sense cents.
  3. They are in this to serve a higher calling. Except for Bikram. I’m pretty sure he’s around just to ride people like donkeys and demand bootlicking. Perhaps he has some sort of latent cowboy fantasy. But I digress…
  4. Exchange of energy. Teaching is energy, money is energy. “Even” trades have long been the foundation of our economy. Where you receive, you should also give.
  5. Yoga, in many cases, is > or = to Therapy. When you think about it, you are getting an amazing deal. So don’t be stingy. Be grateful.


With love, in Piggy Bank-sharing pose.

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19 Comments to 5 reasons you should be more than happy to pay for yoga class

  1. Bikram is in the game, I believe, to show the full extent of ridiculousness in all its glory. At least I hope that’s what is behind all those limos and rolexes!

    But yes. In all seriousness.

    I get paid per person in my class, and then only 50% of the takings capped at $60. Sometimes I teach a class and earn much less than that.

    But I don’t care. I teach anyway because there’s some weird and wonderful thing that happens when I do. It is an exchange, and I always try my best to give love and to access teachings from my teachers without any of my own BS in the way.

    I love teaching, even when I’m earning peanuts.

  2. I hadn’t thought that this would be an issue. Of course I pay for my yoga class and if a Swami visits I throw in an extra ten for him. But I also think that any price I pay is symbolic, because how do you put value to that wonderful thing that happens and makes us go back again and again.

  3. yes yes yes yes yes!

    exchange of energy’s gotta be my favorite

    though the bikram reference got my first smile of the morning outta me ;-)

  4. Thanks for this! In addition to teachers being human, studios cost a lot to rent, heat, clean, etc. I’ve read so much about more studios offering free yoga, and while that’s great, a lot of studios just can’t afford to have them more than just every once in a while. If there are free yoga classes all the time, who will choose to pay? I don’t make a lot of money, but I make sure I have enough for yoga each month. That means going without Starbucks, drinking nights with friends, books, new clothes, and more, but it is so worth it for me. I know that some yoga has gotten too commercialized, but for the most part, paying $10 or $15 for a yoga class covers pretty basic expenses and a modest salary for teachers.

  5. yes! i’m happy and thankful that i have the resources to pay my teachers for the wonderful job they do. Also thankful for those who teach for free to those who don’t have the money to pay… nothing is ever truly free and no energy is ever wasted :)

  6. Amen sister! Thanks for sending this message out on behalf of all us yoga teachers!

    I love everything about teaching yoga and know it is a privilege to get to share my love of yoga with others.

    I would add one more reason to your list –
    #6 Most yoga teachers continue their education and training so they can continue to learn about yoga and improve their teaching skills. Said training can be costly.

  7. preaching to the choir lovey!!! we just don’t value our teachers enough.. because it’s not just the “holding the space” for 90 minutes.. there’s all the time to create the sequence, to center yourself and be there for your students.. as a teacher i like and want to give my all..
    and we are like therapists, best friends, confidants.. and yoga teachers.. we do it all and love it.. i love it.. even if it’s for coffee or cents..

    and mr. bikram and his benez’s well that’s just a whole ‘nother rant..

  8. I love Sarah’s comment and agree. You do rock! #5 is why I go. No more therapists and that is priceless my friend.

  9. Yes paying for yoga is an equal form of gratitude. I am losing a part time job because the studio where I work the front desk cannot afford to pay their front desk staff… which is half of what makes a great studio. Front desk, owners and instructors provide so much love to the practice of yoga!

  10. Yes!! I love it.. as much as I’m sure teaching brings love to their hearts, they also have to eat and pay their bills.

    And I agree with Belle (sorry to hear you are losing your job, I also work part-time in a studio at front desk), the staff also make a great experience for you as well and I know I enjoy being part of that community.

  11. the best I’ve ever read on this subject, Lo….don’t even get me started on people in my UPPER MIDDLE CLASS suburb who don’t want to pay for a private class, yet are driving Hummers, and who in fact, have the unmitigated gall to try to nickel and dime me on private yoga!

  12. Just because I am paying for a yoga class, does not mean I came for the kick-butt “workout”. I CAN and DO all of that to myself at home for free, because I have infused my primarily-at-home yoga practice with loads of accessible corework … In pilates, I am a little more Type-A than I am in my yoga …

    That does not mean I’d asked to be shunted to the (to me insulting) Gentle Yoga class. I know I am not young or a size 2. But I thought honey worked better than vinegar … did for MY generation, anyhow …

    Most of their students actually DID want yoga Bootcamp—THEY had been happy—even though yoga should be scalable to all levels in an All Levels class. I’d found myself either being ignored by the teacher (no yoga rockstar potential to me, and lack of discernible excess cash to pay for privates/teacher trainings, etc.) or pushed too far too fast …