4 ways to get your yoga groove back { and how stella got hers }

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There’s a little Stella in all of us. Shit goes down. Shit gets real. And then we lose our shit. The carefully cultivated practice of self-care is the first thing to disappear. From there, it’s all downhill. Your energetic spoon is scraping an empty bowl.

So what did Stella do? Well, she took a vacation. And she broke herself off a piece of sizzling young ass…uh, asana. Yep. That’s what she did. She also recognized that she was worthy and deserving of all good things. Just like you are.

Your yoga practice is, amongst other things, a mental / spiritual / physical vacation you need on a regular basis. It is crucial that you keep your bowl bountiful so you can be blissful.

4 Ways To Get Your Yoga Groove Back:

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up When Your Practice Falls Down. You are not alone — falling off the yoga wagon happens to ALL of us. Instead of expending precious prana feeling poorly about it, channel that energy into diving back IN.
  2. Schedule Yoga. You already calendar meetings, calls, appointments, and more. Commit to at least one class as often as you can do it, and SCHEDULE it. Treat it like a important meeting that you absolutely cannot miss. Because it is. And you can’t.
  3. Mix It Up. Stoke the creative practice fire with a new class that you’ve been dying to try. You have a smorgasbord of yoga flavors to choose from — Jivamukti, Kundalini, Anusara, Acro, the list goes on.
  4. Bring Your Homegirl Along. When you buddy up, it’s harder to back out. Plus, you’ll have someone to make kooky faces at and blibbity-blab with after class. Shared experiences are like gems in your pocket.


Make Stella proud. Tap that yoga asana and watch your path unfold with sukha.

photo credit: sleeping-colors.tumblr.com

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11 Comments to 4 ways to get your yoga groove back { and how stella got hers }

  1. I L-O-V-E this and am so connected to this right now in my life. I have my Kundalini class on the calender for every Sunday morning and have been 5 weeks in a row now.

    I’m learning something totally new and sharing with new friends and teachers.

    This Stella is grooving!

    Sat Nam

  2. Oh, I love this. I am so guilty of beating myself up. I am going to make a point to try and schedule a few practices and classes a week! Great suggestions.

  3. when i lose my groove, i also break myself off a piece of young sizzling ass-ana.. as usual lady, you make me smile, giggle, and say ahhhhhyeaaaaahhhhh

  4. Mere – I’m so happy for you! I knew it would resonate with you. My own Kundalini practice is such a light. :)

    Keishua – Right there with you, mama. But we have to stop! That’s good energy wasted. So many brilliant things we could, can, and WILL direct it toward.

    Lizzie – We’ll find you some ass, ahem, asana here in LA when you visit this month. :P

    VK – Thank you! Kind, kind words, my dear girl.

    Ashley – Awesome!!! Keeps the sizzle going. ;)

    Align – We should never stop playing. Life should be FUN. :) Love the mental picture of you getting wild on the monkey bars.

  5. This is great! I’ve definitely started putting yoga into my calendar… sure it takes the spontaneity out of it, but at least it gets me there because I blocked the time off. :)

  6. See, this is what we need! None of the nasty getting down on yoga or teachers or ourselves kind of posts.

    Instead, let’s get real with our practice and ourselves and be cool with however it plays out. Yay!!

    You’d be an awesome homegirl to buddy up with at yoga :)

  7. Long time reader, first time commenter (and now it sounds like I’m on a radio show). I couldn’t stay silent, since this post came right.on.time. I lost my groove after a nasty case of PYTTD and then, well, life happening. I have been torturing myself about it instead of getting up off my as-ana and getting onto the mat, which I did last night. Love the idea of making it an appointment on my calendar…which I just did for the next week! :)

  8. I don’t want to sound stupid or rude, but i don’t know how this is yoga. no ofenfse to anyone, but just bc you call it yoga jogging/Jacks doesn’t mean it’s yoga. Yoga is meant to be relaxing and to stretch the body, to yes purge your body of negativity and bring up energy levels but not by making you sweat and do a regular work out. I can take a weight lifting class and get this workout, but I like my yoga slow relaxing. Props to anyone who likes this tho, I just couldn’t get into it.