8 Ways Yoga Saves

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anjali mudra art

Yoga saves. This is scientifically, spiritually, and pranically proven. Argumentation is futile. Belief comes swiftly.

8 Ways Yoga Saves:

  1. Yoga pulls us out of (and keeps us from) the deep, dark tarpits of despair, depression, and deprecation.
  2. Yoga saves the people we love from our tantrums, tongue-lashings, and sour-like-bad-milk moods.
  3. Yoga can help you unplug from a breakneck-paced life…and plug in to self and spirit.
  4. When you twist and move your body, you lubricate thirsty joints. This staves off creakiness and brittleness in bones of any age.
  5. By lengthening your breath, you lengthen your life. (i know your brain just exploded upon reading this. profound sh*t.)
  6. When you get yoga-high, you understand that nothing else can match it. Not malt likkah, not drugs, not horizontal mambo.
  7. You are saved from boredom — that old childhood nemesis. You can practice any time, any mood, any place.
  8. The clarity that comes from a regular practice is astounding. You begin to know your path.


I’m gettin’ my save on twenty-fo-seven. You?

artwork credit: gayatriyoga.com.br

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9 Comments to 8 Ways Yoga Saves

  1. amen sister… this reminds me of one of my fav yoga teachers.. his voice bellows and makes me feel like i’m in the temple of yoga!
    rock ‘n’ roll didn’t save my soul, YOGA did!

  2. I just discovered your blog thanks to Shape.com blogger awards. This list is great. I just started back at yoga and couldn’t agree more with all of these points.