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The Meaning of Mukta:

In Sanskrit, MUKTA means released, liberated, freed. Moksa/Moksha is closely related to Mukta, meaning liberation or freedom. I’ve chosen to bring attention to Mukta as its tense communicates that it has already taken place, just as we are already free. We simply have to recognize it.

  • What has been weighing you down? What muck has settled upon your leaves and made itself at home? 
  • It is time to let everything go. Release it all. Free yourself.
  • Yesterdays. Expectations. Shoulds. Regrets. Projections. Lamentations. Let them fly away in the breeze.
  • Mukta often refers to spiritual liberation, but our spirits cannot find freedom when the mind entraps.
  • Where to begin? Find your breath, let it be a release. Take in the fresh air and watch all your worries disappear with each exhale. Stretch and be expansive with the grace of the weightless.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Mukta written in Devanagari:
devanagari mukta sanskrit written script

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artwork credit: © Y is for Yogini

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7 Comments to MUKTA (learn sanskrit words + devanagari script!)

  1. Courtesy of Pete Townsend & the Who:

    I’M FREE-I’m free,
    And freedom tastes of reality,
    I’m free-I’m free,
    AN’ I’m waiting for you to follow me.

    If I told you what it takes
    to reach the highest high,
    You’d laugh and say ‘nothing’s that simple’
    But you’ve been told many times before
    Messiahs pointed to the door
    And no one had the guts to leave the temple!

    I’m free-I’m free
    And freedom tastes of reality

    I’m free-I’m free
    And I’m waiting for you to follow me.

    How can we follow?
    How can we follow?

  2. It’s the opposite in the city I live in… summer is free, light, and wispy and then when fall arrives it’s back to over working and being weighed down by career/jobs (and alas, we all end up missing summer right away!), which of course affects other areas of our lives. I do like the fall colours, but I do miss the light-heartedness of summer already. Lovely reminder about letting things go though :) <3

  3. Over here on the flip side of the world, we’re all getting ready for Spring. But that can be a letting go, too.

    Winter is such a dark, heavy time so letting go of the tamas and lightening the f*ck up is well in order!

    I reckon we can all do with a little mukta in our lives, every day :)