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12 days of yoga
Happy December! I have been a titch snowballed lately, what with getting my Master’s in Cake, Candy, and Gingerbread Yoga Studio Architecture.

Last year, my wintery itch birthed the 12 Days of Yoga, resplendent with hand-cut YIFY yoga cookies. THIS year, I have my hard hat on. I’ve constructed a stellar studio where juicy, delectable, funny bone-tickling yoga adventures are set to take place.

On the 5th day of December, yoga gave to me

a studio made of cake and candy. . .

yogaworks cake with candy decor

  • everything is edible, save for the yogaworks logo text
  • yogaworks logo art = a spearmint starlite
  • studio = white cake with vanilla frosting and a healthy dusting of organic shredded coconut
  • door + window = hershey’s chocolate squares
  • forest + bushes = marshmallow peeps
  • sidewalk = honey graham crackers
  • yogini = gingerbread marshmallow
  • yogini’s cute face = gel frosting
  • yogini’s yoga mat = candy cane

The edible studio is based on the real studio I spend oodles of time at — YogaWorks Main Street in Santa Monica. :)

yogaworks main street in santa monica, california
candy cake yogaworks


Eleven more days of adventure to come. Watch out for flying snowballs!

Come out of the cold and in to the crunk…

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12 Comments to a yoga studio made of cake + candy { the 12 days of yoga }

  1. …..just when I thought it was not possible for you to get any more awesome, you had to spring this on me! :-)

  2. your blog is so awesome. having your emails and your tweets come to me makes me so so happy. you are quite the artist my friend!