on the first day of december, yoga gave to me… { the 12 days of yoga }

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yogini cookie

On the first day of December, yoga gave to meeee

A yo-gini in the pose Tree.

One of Tree Pose’s (Vrksasana) gifts is teaching us that it is okay to fall. Everybody does. Even the people who think they’re hot sauce.

So when you fall, and you’re going to sooner or later (+ sooner and later), here are a few tips:

  1. Laugh as you’re going down. You know that sh*t is funny.
  2. Holler “Timberrrrrrr!” and watch everyone freak out.
  3. Fall with awareness…and take out all the mo fos standing near you. That’s spreading the love. They can learn with you! Like this:

yoga sugar cookie people

They look happy to be falling, don’t they?! Even the dude on the bottom of the yoga-sugar-cookie-tree-pose-pileup. His hair is falling off, but he’s learning. (Ok, i’m not good with gel frosting.)

Your yoga teacher might look like this as you fall down and go boom:

yoga teacher cookie

See how his eyebrows are up in his hair? And his mouth makes a little “o” of surprise, his gloopy hands raised in horror?

But that’s okay, too. Inside he’s laughing with you. I promise.

Now go forth and be treelike! :)

{ stay tuned, 11 more days of yoga — and yogi/ni sugar cookie people — to come! you know to expect the unexpected here. this may be the month of partridges, pear trees, and turtle doves, but this is yoga, mo fos! }

{ yogini + yogi sugar cookies whipped up, hand-cut, baked, and frosted by me! yes, i am currently working on my technique. gel frosting is my nemesis! }

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14 Comments to on the first day of december, yoga gave to me… { the 12 days of yoga }

  1. Is it weird that I just want to bite all their heads off?

    Haha… JK. Sort of.

    But seriously, this is so deliciously festive and oh so yoga.


  2. Tami – i didn’t know you did one! great minds. :)

    CC – Not weird at all. The boyfriend came home after I was done with them and did just that! :P

    Kimberly – I hand-cut them myself with a little knife! :)

  3. love, love, love this!!! great blog… and just so ya dont feel bad, i can bake the hello out of some cookies, but i also am deficient in the decorating department; but kudoes for trying and especially the hand cutting thats and art! LOL

  4. Vickie – thank you! :) i’m thinking i need to invest in better tools: a pastry bag, some fine decorating tips, and just make my own frosting from scratch. that probably sounds crazy for a simple sugar cookie project, but i hate not being 110% at things! :P

  5. The yoga people are too cute. I can’t believe you hand cut those. I can’t even make cookies. baking powder/soda is my nemesis.

  6. I’m impressed by this art! How fun.
    Hey, you have a blog-award to pick up at mine if you are game.. Have a great weekend.

  7. LOL Love this post! asana advice and i get to look at pics of edible little cookie yogis? WIN WIN
    Now when i do tree pose in my classes all i’m going to envision are the students as little cookies ;)