two turtle yogis { the 12 days of yoga }

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kurmasana cookies

On the 6th day of December, yoga gave to me

two turtle yogis…

{ and a yogini in the pose tree. }

Kurmasana. Turtle pose. Slooooow down. Breathe. Enjoy. Go at your own leisurely pace. This month is often all about the hustle and bustle. Avoid the fustle and get turtley.

kurmasana turtle pose

I have a petit confession to make: the last time I was in Kurmasana, I needed help getting out. But that’s the beauty of it:

  1. In life, we sometimes get into scrapes. Turtle pose reminds us to stop fighting and go with the flow. You’ll find your way out. And if not, a kind soul will eventually come along and help your ass out. { Note: Said aid isn’t always perfectly timed. If you’re lucky, it may come before panic attack #1, but often shows up between #2 and #10. }
  2. You may as well &$%#*@% relax. You ain’t getting out of this pose anytime soon.
  3. You KNOW who won the race. And it wasn’t that damn rabbit.

Slow and steady, ladies and bros. Slow and steady.

{ 10 more days of yoga to come. check out my cookie-cutting skillz. all done by hand. all homemade. i made the icing for these boys from scratch, but i’ve been practicing with my gel frosting tubes so that i might impress you in the near future. }

photo (woman in kurmasana) credit: Quest Yoga Arts

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12 Comments to two turtle yogis { the 12 days of yoga }

  1. Nice one!! I hope those cookies taste as good as doing kurmasana feels. Or wait, is that BETTER than kurmasana? Guess it depends on your personal relationship to this kick-assana!! ;)

  2. Wow. I’ve never seen that pose before. It looks cool. I can’t wait to try it after work. I have bee using your advise about meditation. I am still having trouble staying put I am able to get started with ease. Plus, I tend to to better when I remember to set my stopwatch. I will keep you updated.
    Are those new yogi people cookies? Fun!

  3. My confession: when I’m practicing certain poses – I make sure a cell phone is within reach so I can call my husband if I get stuck or broken.

  4. Pretty darn cute cookies ya got there! …I just want to bite off that turtle head…wait, ew, gross…no, I dont! Nope, can’t can’t get out of this one–just like the pose! haha!!!

  5. Meredith – you have the grace to be at ease in any pose. you are amazing!

    Keishua – having your phone/etc. set to chime when time is up is SO helpful! i do this, too.

    April – now that is excellent planning. :)

    Emma – lol. i think it’s not a fave of many. i’m okay until i start getting that stuck feeling. then i look like a crazed turtle.

    Jamie – i love it when you show up here! you always make ME laugh!

    Mischelle – haha, yes the only kind of turtles i’d ever eat are cookies, too.

    Melita – thank you, love!

    Darla – you’ve given me some inspiration. i need to do an ustrasana set of cookies!!