Sexyasana (10 romantical partner yoga poses)

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Sexyasana. Super sexy partner yoga poses. As Marvin says, let’s get it on

10 Sexy Asanas / Partner Yoga Poses:

1. Footsie-Asana { tee hee. that tickles! }

partner yoga poses

2. Slip-N-Slide-Asana { please do not get all creative and try @ home with oils. you’ve been warned. }

acro yoga partner yoga

3. Lookin-at-Your-Bits-asana { what?! girls can lookie-loo, too. }

acro yoga partners

4. Let-Him-Do-All-the-Work-For-Once-asana { lol. }

upward bow partner yoga

5. Parsva-Booty-Asana

parsvakonasana partner yoga

6. Steal-a-Kiss-Asana

splits partner yoga

7. Love-Knot-Asana

rainbow pose partner yoga

8. Crow-Peck-Asana

kiss partner yoga

9. Touch-the-Hot-Booty-Asana { i know this is an adjustment. work with me, people. }

basketball yoga down dog

10. Spoon-Asana { yes, this could have been a certain numerical asana, dirty minds! keep it clean. }

flying yoga partner pose

Do try this at home. Any day is a good day for sexyasana. Practice makes perfect.

Get the book so you can follow along. It has over 75 partner yoga poses!

photo credits: #1 – 8, 10 – Jessie Chapman + Dhyan; #9 – LA Clippers

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