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10 Animal Yoga Poses for LOVE (attract a mate!)

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Rawwwwrrrr. It is wild out there. Lions, lionesses. Tigers, tigresses. Bears, and bears. Bearesses? Bearginis? Love is a jungle. Are you the queen or king of yours? It is not a coincidence that many yoga poses are named after animals. Our nature runs deep; we are all kin. A peek...

Sexyasana (10 romantical partner yoga poses)

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Sexyasana. Super sexy partner yoga poses. As Marvin says, let’s get it on… 10 Sexy Asanas / Partner Yoga Poses: 1. Footsie-Asana { tee hee. that tickles! } 2. Slip-N-Slide-Asana { please do not get all creative and try @ home with oils. you’ve been warned. } 3. Lookin-at-Your-Bits-asana {...