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Self-love is never unrequited. Let that roll around in your mind for a bit. It’s a neverending amour fest…like you’ve got a kick-ass hearty pink sparkly pinball machine inside you going pling-ding-kajing-aling with lurve. Yeeeeah. Now you’re on board.

I want you to do something for me today, seeing as how it’s Valentine’s Day and all. I want you to DO something for YOU today. Sure, you can deliver a cup of sugar naked to Mr. Hot Sauce next door. And yes, make sure to give the fur babies extra snuggles and treats. If you have a sig other, by all means, V-day it up like bunnies (whatever that means to you). But you’re MY yogitine, too. And my gift to you is this: a reminder to show yourself some love.

7 Things To Do For YOU On Valentine’s Day:

1. Hugasana – Take a cue from Mr. Kitty above and do what my friend Maria calls hugasana…hug yourself!

2. Spend Time in Your Fave Yoga Pose – Or perhaps a looong, languorous set of restoratives is in order. I’ll be hanging out in Eka Pada Koundinyasana I, waiting for James Franco to come over.

3. Tend to Your Heart ChakraBreath of Fire cleanses the heart chakra, while Cobra and Fish Pose open it (amongst other delicious asanas).

4. Write a Love Letter to Yourself – Make a list of all the beautifully brilliant things about you and OWN THEM. You’re fierce. Better recognize.

5. Just Breathe – The breath is ever-intertwined with prana, your life force. Self love means standing in your truth and receiving the blessings that are life and breath. Nadi Shodhana is pure magic.

6. Dance Like No One’s Watching – You heard me. Crank up the booty-shaker you love best and boogie like a mo fo. Get crazy with it. I never feel more free than when I’m dancing. It’s booty-quake time.

7. Snuggle Up and Read – How luxurious does it feel to do this?! Pick up a book you can lose yourself in.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies. Make sure you do at least one of the above or I’ll be forced to show up at your door, dressed like Yogini Cupid. You don’t want my arrow in your asana, do you? Go forth and be good to yourself! ;)

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12 Comments to be my yogitine { 7 things to do for YOU on Valentine’s Day }

  1. What a great list – especially #1!! Thanks for the shout out Lo – you rock! I will be doing this entire list today as it is absolutely fantastic. Although I wouldn’t mind James Franco stopping by – I’d like to swap him out with Johnny Depp and some Chocolat. I’m having champagne and chocolate covered strawberries with my Mr. Man tonight – swoon! XO

  2. Happy v-day Lo! I’m down for lovin’ the self.. spreading the love in holding practice today.. and snuggling up with the fur baby, a cup o’ chamomile tea and getting my readin’ on..
    i hope you have a rockin’ good day!

  3. Since the hubs and I don’t celebrate V-day, I don’t do anything special… Why the hell didn’t I think of spending it pampering myself? :) I love this post!!