Confessions of a Yogini (hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama)

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Booty Shake

This has shit to do with yoga…in the specific sense. Now, in the grandest scheme of things, well, it makes perfect sense.

I choose ringtones like I choose yoga mats, the perfect chunky ring, books, and who to wreak havoc upon for the day. So. Very. Carefully. So you’ll understand the artful process it took for me to arrive at 2 Live Crew’s Hoochie Mama.

Why the dulcet tones of the infamously raunchy?

Hoochie Mama Confessions:

  1. When my perfectly-postured doctor, the sweet old lady nextdoor, or some hassling a-hole calls, I am amused to no end by associating them with this song. I like to envision what their faces would look like if they were able to hear it. And sometimes, on my way to the phone, I throw in a little grind for their imagined benefit.
  2. You can’t NOT be in a good mood, regardless of the nature of any call, when the intro song on the conversational soundtrack includes lyrics like, “Mama just don’t understand why I love your hoochie ass.”
  3. When you’re busy as hell and your life is stressful (and stress-filled), the only antidote is to shake your ass. Mine has a mind of its own when this song plays.


I try to find little moments every day — petit spaces to have some fun, lighten the mood, and keep my perspective.

So “f*ck what ya heard and save your drama, all I need is my Hoochie Mama!” Give ‘er a whirl. Uberly satisfactory results guaranteed. I’m a big bootie ho. Aren’t you?

The Crew and I send our love.

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14 Comments to Confessions of a Yogini (hoodrat, hoodrat, hoochie mama)

  1. LOL.. might have to change my ring tone.. mine is currently a Stones song

    Thinking EPMD or NWA

    this post rings my bells

  2. hood rat hood rat, hoochie momma.. im currently rocking some TI.. what ever you like.. and it totally helps my mood when i answer…

  3. I just downloaded a Fifth of Beethoven from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack for ringtone :)

    I may not be bootie shaking but I am doing a mad, bad impression of John Travolta.


  4. This is the best yoga blog post ever. I love that song! Lol. My ring tone is Eye of the Tiger, and I like to throw in a low fist pump with it every now and then to up the cheesy fun.

  5. haha.. Mine is the creepy whistle from Kill Bill.. people move their children away from me in stores.. which is fine by me!! lol

  6. Is it bad to admit this song is one the most played on my ipod? During long runs, it’s a total pick-me-up.