Peepasana (marshmallow peeps practicing yoga!)

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marshmallow peeps doing yoga peepasana peepyoga

What? You thought peeps just appeared magically around Keester time (that’s what I call Easter)? I’m here to tell you that they’re hanging out all year. All day, err day. And when they aren’t helping the EB (Easter Bunny. get hip to the lingo.), they’re practicing yoga, of course. How else would they stay so very fluffy, light, + zen?

Aren’t you glad I’m around to keep you in the know?!

They call it Peepasana. It’s pretty fierce. I mean, you have to have a marshmallow body to make it work.

Here’s the peep’s eye view of a Peepasana class…

Peeps Practicing Yoga:

peeps yoga poses practicing asana

Peeps Yoga is legit as hell. It takes sugar + dedication + sweat + (ahem) crayon-drawn yoga mats + a truly meditative mind. This shit is so for real. ‘Bout to get peeptastic up in here:

yoga peeps yoga studio

(photos credit: © Y is for Yogini)

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14 Comments to Peepasana (marshmallow peeps practicing yoga!)

  1. you are so hilarious. The image of peeps on their yoga mats will have me smiling all day. Did you hand color those?

  2. Lady, you never ever fail to lighten up the content of this deep and often heavy twittershala. Your playfulness is a gift – thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my god, these are the cutest little things I have seen in a long time!! I just wanna kiss and cuddle them, and then take a nice big bite! lol!

  4. Looks like the peeps are doing cobra pose, except…they have no arms. Wow.

    Who said you need strong core muscles to rock yoga? Yay for the peeps and their marshmallow abs!

  5. I’m glad to see Peeps have found yoga. It will be an honor for me to have them take Mahasamadhi in my mouth. Of course, they’re marshmallows, right? Oh, snap, yo(gi). That’s not vegetarian.