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elements of yoga clothing

I am made up of the usual things: air, earth, fire, water…and a few extras. Sassypantsness. A fighting spirit. Brains. An aptitude for whipping up strangely awesome-tasting kitchen concoctions. We all have our own unique elemental makeup.

What do you get when you take supremely down yogi/nis, add splashy-yet-elegant graphical style, uber soft fabrics, and slap-you-in-the-asana sizzle? Well, you get Elements of Yoga, of course!

I’m feeling these guys and gals for many reasons, including:


  1. Killer hand-painted yoga blocks. Gorge. Art. { join their email list to win }
  2. They’re RISD alum.
  3. Got a whole lotta Ganesh up in the spot.
  4. They make stuff for guys and yoga bebes, too!
  5. Yoga Teacher Discount = 15%. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Showing love to all you gurus.

Yours truly has been rocking the Buddha Black Hoodie. Soooo my style! And they’ve blessed me with THREE goodies to give to three lucky readers: the Ganesh Cool Gray Hoodie, the Lotus Pink-Indigo Scoop Tee, and the Lotus Black Cotton Hoodie, all pictured above.

EOY has also generously offered a special discount to YIFY readers — 15% off with the code YFY11 (valid from Monday 3.21 through Thursday 3.31.2011).


  1. Post a comment with the answer to this question:   What are the elements of your yoga? :)
  2. Like Elements of Yoga on Facebook
  3. { bonus entry } Join the Elements of Yoga Email List
  4. { bonus entry } Post this giveaway on Facebook
  5. { bonus entry } Tweet this giveaway
  6. Be sure to note in your comment which actions you’ve taken + whether you are a yogi or yogini!


  1. Contest is open to all yoga lovers worldwide!
  2. Contest closes Sunday, March 27th at 11:11pm PST.
  3. Three winners will be chosen at random { 1st yogini drawn receives the ganesh hoodie, 2nd yogini receives the pink lotus tee, 1st yogi drawn receives the lotus hoodie } and notified in the comments section and via email.

Good Luck lovelies! May the elements be with you.

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60 Comments to elementally yours { a yoga clothing giveaway with elements of yoga! }

  1. elements: space, quiet, shazam and a little bit of sass

    liked them and tweeted

    oh, and OMGanesh these are groovie get ups!

  2. i love this! thanks for the discount! i struggle with my own practice because i teach so much, but am working on it. think that my breath and quiet mind are the elements i try to bring to my mat.

    i am a yogini, yes i am.

    happy spring.

    p.s. i am a liker on facebook and twitter.

  3. OK, I think I covered all directions and may now need a nap. Love these guys are local RISD alum! Awesome school.

    You probably going to guess my number one yoga element is: LOVE. Makes all the others Earth, Wind & Fire fall into place making the Water and Breath simply floooowwwwww.


  4. Elements of my yoga are spontaneity and responsiveness to my body’s suggestions.

    (I also signed up for Element’s email list)

  5. Open to all yogis and yoginis around the globe? Wow, I see Ganesh winking at me ;)

    The elements of my yoga? Love, care, openness, fearlessness, and a bloody lame sense of humor :D Booyah!

    I’ll tweet about the giveaway.
    I like Elements of Yoga on Facebook.
    My bank account doesn’t like the 15% discount.

  6. Ashley Avilez

    The Elements of my yoga are intention, compassion, and sending out all of the love I cultivate on my mat back into the universe!

  7. LocustStreet

    My elements of yoga are breath, sweat and tears! Earth, wind & fire!

    This yogini has liked EOY on FB and signed-up for their newsletter. LOOOOOVE the duds. So cute.

  8. 1)Elements of my yoga are breath and joy.

    2) “Liked on FB”

    3) Joined email list

    4) Posted on FB.

    Another great giveaway! Love their clothes!!

  9. Hey Lo – I did ALL 5, for all five of the “classic” elements! I am made up of FIRE (my ferocious-ness), WATER (my sensitive side), plus a little bit of playfulness, creativity and sass. Good luck to all entrants!

  10. I am just starting to get into yoga, but I think the elements of yoga for me are…mindfulness. Mindful of my body and myself, and it’s just so meditative that I feel like it kind of spills over into the rest of my life makes me more of a mindful person overall.
    (<3 the Ganesh Cool Gray Hoodie.)

  11. Hmmm…what are the elements of my yoga???
    Probably some serious determination to get what I want – a positive spirit that radiates – creative juices always flowing in, and out of the the kitchen, to make fun new dishes for everyone – (and a added bonus,) – a new love for yoga and meditation that helps get me through the day, and through this challenging time in my life right now!

    This giveaway is fun, the clothes are too cute!!! I signed up for the email, liked them on Facebook, shared this on Facebook and twitter:-)

    Thank you for all your support, and positive comments!!!

  12. Elements of my yoga:
    Air – the breath always the breath
    Earth – the grounding connection I feel when I step on the mat or sit with intention
    Fire – the consistent and persistence of practice even when I don’t want to
    Water – Whether from sweat of tears of joy or gratitude

  13. I love that everyone is sharing all the elemental love! It’s amazing what we all bring to the mat! My elemental love is breath and smiles… And a lot of self hugging!
    I’ll like on the fb… And I’ll twitter it up in a minute…

    You’re posts always bring a smile to my face… Especially when I’m traveling… It’s like a little present in my inbox!

  14. Linda Shields

    I liked, posted on my page and joined the email list.
    My elements are staying in the moment, breathing and always caring about mypractice as well as my friends practicing around me.
    Thanks so much for being you.

  15. 1) Elements to my practice: breath and laughter.
    2) Posted giveaway on FB
    3) liked Elements of Yoga on FB
    4) joined mailing list

    I’m on a winning streak ;)

  16. Oh, how I love Elements of Yoga! I’m a yogini and I like them on FB, I’m on their mailing list and I’m tweeting about the contest.

    My elements of yoga? Breath. Give me breath, and I am happy.

  17. My yoga is a big part mountain, some tree and lakes, and a little bit of fire and just a pinch of snark.

    This yogini liked EOM on FB, joined the mailing list, posted the giveaway on FB and tweeted about the giveaway and sassypantsness (luv it!).

    Gorgeous stuff.

  18. The elements of my yoga are fire and water:). what a beautiful giveaway…and I am loving the Black Namaste V neck tee!!!


  19. The elements of this yogini’s yoga are patience, self-care, curiosity, breath, and a sense of humor (helps when toppling out of Tree!).

    I liked Elements of Yoga on FB and posted the giveaway on FB too!

  20. Kirstin Scheidle

    My yoga elements are:
    [C]Compassion:for all the beings I share this planet with.
    [G]Gratitude:for the innumerable blessings in life
    [A]Awareness:of my thoughts and actions
    [U]Understanding:that nobody gets out of this life alive, so might as well have a laugh while you can!

    CGAU= the base pairs of rNA,one of three key elemental building blocks of LIFE!

    I liked on FB, posted on FB, and joined the email list, but sadly, I don’t tweet. :)
    Namaste & One Love ya’ll!

  21. the elements of my yoga are balance, meditation and breathing exercises
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  22. My elements of yoga are finding peace with my surroundings. And, also, kicking-butt-and-taking-names-ness.


  23. My yogini elements are grounding, breathing and releasing.

    I liked, joined email, posted on my facebook and tweeted. :)

  24. River Fairy

    Elements lately are lighting a candle by my 2 Ganesha statues, focusing on grounding in all areas, finding flow in all situations, and letting my breath lead the way.

    I liked on FB and joined mailing list. At some point I might tweet and FB this but right now taking a social media break. :)

  25. Elements of my yoga: breath, humor, a body that is still learning how to move, a mind still learning how to be still, a smile and a grateful heart.

    Liked them. Joined their email list…now I’ll just have to control my spending there!

    And I’m a yogini!

  26. Elements of my yoga are fresh air, sunshine, flair (yes I said “flair”), stubbornness (or resolve, although probably more brute stubbornness) and solitude – not necessarily in that order.

    Love Elements’ style.

    I am a yogini-weenie and did all of the above. Tootaloo!

  27. Today my yoga is 100% fire. Tomorrow it will likely be something different. At least I hope so because I’m about to burn out. ;)

    Liked on FB, tweeted on Twitter.


  28. The elements I bring to my practice are:
    *giggles after said spastic-icity!

    I have tweeted, liked on FB, posted to my FB, joined the mailing list… The whole shebang! Love those threads! WHOOP!

  29. The elements of my yoga is letting go and feeling. It is hard, but amazing when it happens.

    I will tweet this giveaway and I am a yogini!!

    Very cool stuff. Thanks.

  30. poptartyogini

    my yoga is 1 part breath, 1 part playfulness, 1 part patience and 2 parts wobbles.

  31. Oh I’m soooo excited-excited-excited!!

    1. Elements of my yoga – stretching, balance and a smile :)
    2. Done
    3. Done
    4. Done
    5. Done
    6. I’m yogini )

  32. I joined the e-mail list & like the FB page.
    My elements of yoga are breath, calmness, determination and commitment.
    Love your designs!

  33. I am a yogini, and the elements of my practice are: synchronicity of pranayama with asanas, fluidity of movement, + peaceful presencing in the moment, quieting the mind to all outside forces and looking within for spiritual awareness and emotional contentment.

    I have joined the email list, liked on Facebook, posted on Facebook, and Tweeted the Giveaway. Keep up the wonderful work! :)

  34. I am a yogini, and the elements of my yoga are breath, intuition, understanding, and acceptance. I think yoga is a wonderful way to connect mind, body, and spirit.

    I’ve joined the email list, liked and posted via Facebook, and tweeted the giveaway!

    Thanks a bunch.


  35. Elements of my yoga:

    Liked EOM & posted the giveaway on FB as well as joined the mailing list.

    Thank you!

  36. I am a yogini and liked Elements of Yoga on Facebook and tweeted about the giveaway (@imaginebalance).

    The elements of my yoga seem to always be shifting. I know I’ve got plenty of Fire (also known as snark).

  37. HI! I’m a yogini…a “hip” one. ;)
    I LOVE this giveaway! ♡
    I liked EOM.
    I tweeted the giveaway.
    Email list? Check. ✓

    My personal elements of yoga: honesty, laughter, gratitude, grace, and courage.

  38. Om my goodness I forgot to enter! My elements are prana, breath, love, curiosity, laughter, and fire. xoxoxo

  39. Mad LOVE to everyone who entered our giveaway! You guys are the bestest!!!! :D Big-ass hugs to you all.


    gray ganesh hoodie – Debbie
    pink lotus tee – Terra
    black lotus men’s hoodie – Andy

    Stay tuned for more goodies! Holla! xoxoxoxoxo ;)

  40. Was a winner chosen for this? I love Elements of Yoga, and those yoga blocks look fabuloso! ;)