Meditation for a Calm Heart (kundalini meditation)

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meditation for a calm heart yoga kundalini
I feel like when we put a hand over our hearts, we tap into something so very still and interminably deep. Our hearts are the home for prana. Somehow this meditation always feels absolutely perfect. It brings deep stillness, the ability to act with your whole heart, and clear perception of the self and others.

meditation for a calm heart kundalini yoga practice


  1. Begin in Easy Pose/Sukhasana.
  2. Place your left hand over your heart center, palm flat.
  3. Bend your right elbow, raise the right hand, and take Gyan Mudra (i.e., making the a-ok sign with your hand + fingers). Palm faces forward.
  4. Roll your shoulders down your back and relax them.
  5. Close your eyes.
  6. Focus on your breath.
  7. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. At the top of your inhale, suspend the breath, and retain (hold) it as long as possible and comfortable. Please do not strain.
  8. Exhale slowly and smoothly out your nose. When the exhale is complete, suspend the breath out as long as you are comfortably able.
  9. Continue this method of inhalation and exhalation. Beginners: 3 minutes or more, working your way up gradually. Kundalini Practitioners: 11 minutes or more, working up to 31 minutes.
  10. When complete, inhale and exhale normally 3 times, then relax.


  • This is an excellent meditation for beginners. It heightens your awareness of your breath and conditions your lungs.
  • Please be sure that you don’t strain when inhaling, exhaling, or retaining. Our goal is to create and preserve calm, peace, and serenity. We don’t want to create any stress.
  • The left hand over your heart creates deep stillness within.
  • The right hand in Gyan Mudra brings receptiveness, relaxation, and peace.

Meditation for a Calm Heart as written above © Y is for Yogini, adapted from the original meditation created by Yogi Bhajan.

Videos for the visual learners:

Sending you love and the calmest of hearts. xo

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19 Comments to Meditation for a Calm Heart (kundalini meditation)

  1. Yippee – I think this one sounds great Lo. Totally agree about having the hand on the heart – it just feels yummy. I am going to set a goal to do this every morning as I’m seeking a little more peace and relaxation in my life and also trying to get in the habit of daily meditation. Thanks for leading the way! I’ll check in throughout the 40 days :)

  2. I am grateful on clicked on this today as I neeeded to be reminded to breathe.

    I would like to try to work to be to breathe for more minutes…which will be a challenge for me.

  3. I meditate daily both morning and night but have not done it in this fashion. I will begin tonight and I look forward to the journey over the next 40 days. Thank you for helping us to be better.