Meditation for Wholeness (yify meditation)

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meditation for wholeness created by y is for yogini
whole /hohl/ : (noun) a thing that is complete in itself

You have heard many times that you are already whole, that you have everything you need. Yet many of us continue to feel more akin to doughnuts or swiss cheese — we experience holes in ourselves. When creating + developing this meditation, I was inspired by Osho’s “Meditation for Fear of Emptiness.” This practice is my own answer to not only recognizing that we are complete, but feeling it, too.


  1. Begin in Balasana (Child’s Pose).
  2. Rest your forehead on the ground comfortably.
  3. Rather than the usual hand/arm positions for Balasana, bend your elbows and place your palms flat on the ground in alignment with your head. Like a full-body prayer or bowing pose.
  4. Breathe naturally. Be reverent. Be present.

(Duration: Start with 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, working your way to 11 minutes per meditation.)

Meditation for Wholeness © Y is for Yogini

“Enter into your own womb and just be there. No technique, no mantra, no effort — just be there. So every night go into that space…within three weeks one day suddenly you will see such blessings arising, such an upsurge of energy, such a joyous quality to your being.” — Osho (from Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously)

Practice any time you need grounding and the ecstatic reminder that you are, indeed, whole. With love + aperture-free doughnuttiness. xo

(grass photo credit: pink yell jm)

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6 Comments to Meditation for Wholeness (yify meditation)

  1. What a nice meditation! I just started a 40 meditation on OM Shri Hanumate Namah for protection from negativity.

    I love this translation of it: Reverence to Hanuman, invokes unbounded love for Lord Rama, gives strength, success in devotional activities, reveals the power of the soul that can triumph over adversities for attaining highest realizations.

  2. I love this! It’s so challenging for us to just “BE” instead of do…committing to 5 minutes is so simple and yet a challenge for so many. I watch my students twitch and move around sometimes unable to be still…it takes time, that’s why we practice the practice and 40 days seems like a pretty good idea! Thanks for sharing!