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It is high time to clean out all the ick you’ve been packing around in your chimney. How? With the Kundalini Aura Sweep! We need to light a fire in your life and we can’t do it if you’re filled to the stack with debris, soot, and plain ol’ negative energy. This kriya will fully clean, cleanse, + stoke you for everything you need and want to do in life.

Benefits of Kundalini Aura Sweep:

  • Clarity
  • Renewal
  • Gets the blood flowing (you will feel alive + good-tingly!)
  • Helps you “set” your protective aura for the day
  • Strengthens your energetic force field
  • Cleansing, physically + mentally + spiritually
  • The extension opens your heart, the forward fold releases your neck and back

kundalini aura sweep how to


(See the little stick figure kundalini me above sweeping her aura for a visual guide!)

  1. Begin in Tadasana with your feet at least hip-distance apart. (More if you need additional stability.)
  2. Extend your arms over your head, palms face forward, stretching up to the sky.
  3. Gently bend forward into a forward fold. As you bend, slowly take your arms down along with you like you would at the start of a Sun Salutation, but with your arms out in front (rather than to your sides).
  4. If you are warm and very flexible, you can do this with straight legs (with a tiny yoga bend for safety). Otherwise, please make sure your knees are bent!
  5. Sweep your arms past your toes and back/up behind you. Think of your arms and hands as one big paintbrush — you are painting an arc from the front to the back of your body.
  6. Reverse the direction, drawing yourself up slowly by engaging your core and keeping a firm foot, ankle, and leg foundation.
  7. As you rise, sweep your arms from behind your body, past your toes, up, up, up as you rise; arms eventually extended overhead once again.
  8. Continue to bend and sweep, then extend and sweep for 3 minutes (or as much as you can comfortably do).
  9. Keep a pace that works for you and your body. Even the gentlest, slowest sweep will be powerful.
  10. As you sweep, visualize yourself becoming clearer and clearer. You are sweeping away everything you don’t need. Your aura is sparkling, strong, and bright once again!

(Breath: Exhale as you flow down, Inhale as you come up.)
(Movement: Be fluid, be graceful. Maintain safe form. Flow.)

Kundalini Aura Sweep as written above © Y is for Yogini, adapted from the original meditation created by Yogi Bhajan.

This Aura Sweep is My Go-To
I’ve ducked in and done it in restrooms (modified carefully for this germ-a-phobe) and a million other places. The shift in my energy is palpable. I can go from being stressed, lacking confidence, creatively blocked, and down-in-the-dumps to clear, crackling with vim and vigor, with a renewed ability to MANIFEST.

If you have any questions, ask me! Thoughts you’d like to share? Love to hear ’em! I’m always here to help.

May your aura, energy, thoughts, and heart be crystal clear.

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13 Comments to Kundalini Aura Sweep (kundalini kriya)

  1. What the bandha are you waiting for…Lo, you crack me up!

    As I recent participant in the Smiling Buddha Kriya club – I can vouch for the cool vibe and community that comes along with these 40-day Kriya events.

    Can’t wait to try it first thing tomorrow!

  2. I know you all have already finished this one, but I’d like to start my new year with it, but have a question. In the directions under #8, what do you mean by: Continue to bend and sweep, then extend and sweep for 3 minutes (or as much as you can comfortably do).
    Do you mean that now you’re no longer doing the entire bending and sweeping motion but just standing up and doing the sweeping/extending motion w/the arms? I really want to try this one, so your clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot,

  3. Hi Ruby,

    I have the perfect thing for you and am so excited you’re going to do this kriya — it’s one of my favorites. This video wasn’t available at the time I posted my article, but it is now! My beautiful mentor, Kia Miller, demonstrates how to sweep your aura here:


    If you have additional questions, please be sure to email me or send a comment. Would love to hear how the kriya works for you!

    Much Love, Lo :)