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eco luxe + eco luscious { we’ar yoga clothing giveaway! }

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I’ve been crushing on we’ar for a very long, long time. Their site is an eyeball-gasm, their clothes are chock-full of unique + gorgeous details, and they embody a culture of consciousness. With a brand born in Bali and raised in New Zealand, they utilize 100% certified organic cottons, work...

sweat it out { manduka eQua plus mat towel giveaway! }

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Today’s yogic words of truth:  there’s nothing worse than a sweat-slick mat. When we practice, we’re looking for stay-put-ness, not slip-n-slideroo. What’s more, as a germaphobe, the idea of skedaddling in my own sweat makes me gag. What’s a ‘gini to do? Get a kick-ass towel, that’s what! I’m giving...

elementally yours { a yoga clothing giveaway with elements of yoga! }

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I am made up of the usual things: air, earth, fire, water…and a few extras. Sassypantsness. A fighting spirit. Brains. An aptitude for whipping up strangely awesome-tasting kitchen concoctions. We all have our own unique elemental makeup. What do you get when you take supremely down yogi/nis, add splashy-yet-elegant graphical...