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baby blue silk scarf

Dharma = the essence of one’s character or nature. I believe that somewhere deep inside, we are all baby blue. Soft, dreamy, connected, full of Spirit and Love.

It has been well documented here that I am scarf obsessed. :) Who isn’t?! I like to express myself and my funny little moods with my neck confections. So when I found this beautiful piece of the sky at Dharma Boutique, I knew I had to have it. And now…I have one for you! { By the way, when I say “delicious,” I mean it — this scarf is 100% Benarsi silk. Ooooh la la! }

A handful of things to love about Dharma Boutique:

  • They’re offering YIFY readers a HUGE DISCOUNT25% off your first order with the coupon code: YISFORYOGINI { get on it, yo. expires: 3.31.2011 }
  • They donate 3% of their sales to causes, including Cure International and Women of Hope.
  • Their values: “Trading consciously, promoting fairness and social responsibility. Nurturing soulful connections, creativity, and mutual respect. Investing in people and the planet. Relishing the joy of the journey.”
  • Their commitment to fair trade.

How to Win:

  1. Post a comment here with an answer to this question: If you could travel anywhere in the world and live there for a month, where would you go?  :)
  2. Follow Dharma Boutique on Twitter { extra entry }
  3. Like Dharma Boutique on Facebook { extra entry }
  4. Subscribe to DB’s E-Letter { extra entry }
  5. Tweet this giveaway { extra entry }
  6. Be sure to note in your comment which actions you’ve taken.

{ Contest will close Sunday, January 30th at 5pm PST. Open to US residents only. Lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced in the comments section + via an email (to the winner) on Sunday evening. }

Love to you, my lovelies!  :)

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19 Comments to delicious dharma boutique giveaway { baby blue silk scarf }

  1. If I could travel anywhere for a month I’d go to India and the Maldives with my guy. I’d love to explore around and take yoga obviously, but the idea of sitting on a beach with quiet and no elves and just him sounds amazing! Besides, I think naan is the perfect food :-) and bare feet on the beach the best feeling. Scarves incidentally are my FAVORITE clothing item!!

    have followed on twitter and Fb and will tweet away this right now

  2. Christa Dickson

    If I could travel anywhere for a month I would go to Italy. I’m a total art and architecture nerd, so I would love to go and see all of the history. I would love to immerse myself in the culture, as well as travel around in the less know parts of the country, in the various villages, for example, to experience how simply they live.

  3. If I could travel anywhere for a month it would be all over Northern Italy. Spend time in a mountain town called Cevo where my beloved Gram was born. The lifestyle is quiet and one can feel the stress leave their body. It is also a perfect place to practice yoga in the midst of nature. I “liked” Dharma Boutique on FB, am following their tweets, signed up for the newsletter as well as just tweeted your giveaway! What a beautiful scarf- it brings hope that spring is soon upon us with the beautiful blue color. Thank you for hosting!!

  4. If I could go anywhere, it would probably be London. I’d spend tons of time at the British Museum and the National Gallery. I’d rent a car and tour around the countryside, take in some spas and stay in a fabulous country house, pretending I was Jane Austen. I am also “liking” DB on facebook.

  5. If I could travel anywhere and live there for a month, then I would go to Paris. I would love to see the Sacre Coeur church in Montmartre again, roam the bohemian streets, and take in the museums and other amazing churches. Every day would bring new discoveries, and the food is absolutely to live for! I would very much enjoy living in Paris for a month!

    I have followed Dharma Boutique on Twitter, liked Dharma Boutique on Facebook, subscribed to Dharma Boutique’s e-newsletter, and tweeted this giveaway! Fingers crossed for the gorgeous baby blue scarf! :)

    Light and Love,


  6. I would take my husband to Japan! He is learning Japanese on his own and this would be a great reward for sticking with it!

  7. If I could go anywhere for a month I would go to Paris. I would like to see all the nerdy places I’ve read about, drink lots of wine and butcher the French language(as I know so little of it). I’ve followed on twitter and subscribed to their newsletter. Yeah!

  8. I have followed, liked, and subscribed..

    Now I would love to live in Italy for a month. The food, the wine, nice cars and lots of yoga room.

    Bali is second on the list.. anywhere would be fantastic at the moment..

    I LOVE THIS FREAKING SCARF!! I will be placing an order when I get paid as well. Thanks for the tip on a sweet new cali store to order from!!

  9. I have to go with Italy as well. I went to Venice this summer and fell in love. I’ve always loved Italy though.

    I became a fan of the Dharma Boutique on Twitter and Facebook.

  10. my favorite color.. it reminds me of the ocean. I would be a beach bum in Kauai for a month looking out into the place where the ocean meets the sky.

    “Liked” on FB.

  11. I would love to go to Ireland for a month. I would love to explore and see some of their ancient rock circles and beehive huts. Plus it’s green there! Since I live in the desert – I miss green sometimes! :)
    I liked on FB and am following on twitter. I will be tweeting this contest. :)

  12. Hmm..this is a tough one, I would go to Bali (and NOT because of that movie!) and explore, or maybe even Thailand…

  13. Boy it is hard to pick! Where would I go….. I would probably go to Madrid.

    Thanks for telling us all about a neat company, too. I’ve followed them on Facebook, and have also signed up for their e-newsletter.

  14. Anywhere in the world for a month? London. Close enough to Cardiff to creep around in search of the TARDIS and — well, hell, it’s London! I could spend a month in the British Library alone, bar the fact that they kick you out at night.

  15. I’ve gotta admit I teared up just a tad looking at Dharma Boutique Adventures’ photos of Vrindavan.

    That’s where I’d go. In a heartbeat.

    I gladly followed them on Twitter, signed up for their e-newsletter and retweeted the giveaway.

    Love to all.

  16. Omg.. the new year = giveaways!! it’s so purdy!!!

    Travel, hmmm, well i’m already lucky enough that i get to go to Hawaii every year, so i’m gonna say New Orleans. I know, I know, foreign countries are all the rage (and india for a month would be awesome).. but i have the desire to be in the NOLA, help rebuild houses, explore the vast culture, and maybe bring a little yoga that way.. After all if you don’t appreciate the country you live in (and all it’s glory and poverty) than how can you appreciate any where else..

    i liked me some dharma boutique, i’ve followed on twitter, i’ve posted this on twitter.. and well i just love your sense of humor and honesty.. just saying!
    have a rockin day girlie!

  17. Y’all are the bomb! So sweet to hear @Rupa tearing up at my Vrindavan photos–I LOVE that place too! I score all my malas there from a super sweet baba in the Loi bazaar–but the temple-hopping is the best!

    Ashley ji, I will get your freebie scarf out in the mail post-haste. As soon as i can leave my driveway through the most recent mega-snowstorm!

    Thanks Lo, and all of you, for the good vibes. See you down the Dharma trail!