I’m a Yoga Player (i ain’t wit no marriage and a wedding ring)

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red kiss lips

For the uninitiated, that’s a quote from a classic Too Short jam. Now, we are just one little day away from the month of luuurve. February brings images of hearts, lovers’ walks, technicolor sunsets, and rosy-cheeked cherubs. Huh.

I’m telling you right now, sure as sin, my intention for February:  to slut it up.

Yeah, you heard me. I’m a yoga player. Or at least, I intend to be. I’m going to spend this month stepping outside of my usual monogamist zone and into the red light district. I tend to only frequent my most favorite soul-titillating classes (who doesn’t?!), so I’m thinking it’s time to try new partners, just cause I’m feeling nasty. Ya dig?

The Yoga Harlot/I-Get-Around Plan:

  1. 2 brand-spanking { ooh! } new classes each week.
  2. 5 new-to-me teachers for the month. { zow. lots more notches for the bed mat post! }
  3. Try 2 new studios for the month. { perhaps one could be clothing optional. oh f*ck, who am i kidding? too shy for that. }
  4. Optional: Amuse self { and others? } by wearing see-through leggings to 1 class.
  5. Optional: Flirt shamelessly with hot yoga teacher by taking a cue from the Darth Vader breathers. Accompanied by eyelash-batting, he’ll know what I’m getting at. { well…that, or he’ll think I need medical attention. either way, this one’s a winner. }

“I’m a player…and I’m playin’ just to play.” — Too Short

Yoga Hussies, holla at’cha girl. Let’s do this! Only good can come of it.

{ Do you smell another series? Then you have an EXCELLENT sniffer. I’m going balls ovaries out this month + plan on having my wicked way with February’s focus on love, luuurve, and gettin’ it ON! Prepare yourselves. }

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20 Comments to I’m a Yoga Player (i ain’t wit no marriage and a wedding ring)

  1. Yesss! I love it Lo! I’m actually doing the same thing this month – but I’m getting even skankier by crossing over the yoga barrier!

    Sprinting, boxing, and swimming, oh my:)

  2. This is perfect! I’m about to try new classes at a new studio, and someone suggested I try different classes at yet another studio. So I’m down for a little yoga harlotry. ;)

  3. Me, too! Just got out of teacher training and decided my next step was to be a “yoga slut” for a while – play with as many teachers as I can, finding new ways into new positions, wake up new sensations…just clean my mat in between practices. ha! (Just please no one turn this into a t-shirt!) Have fun on your journey!

  4. HOLLA’
    AAAAhhhhhhh, yaaaa, girl!

    make it happen, gotta get the flowin’ and hoein’ (in a yoga way.. of course!) going.. i can’t wait to see what yous got in store for February! And i support the flow ‘n hoe!

  5. Since my husband would frown on me being an actual slut for the month, I think I’ll let out my inner harlot and kink up my yoga :)

  6. Lo – can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for this series – you yo-hussy! I’m all about checking out the goods at other yoga studios right now…so I’ll be harloting with you and also living vicariously through you! Bring on the lurve!

  7. Yesyesyes!
    cheers to getting your ohmgasm on in feb. And tx for the inspiration do the same!

  8. I love it! I may have to just live vicariously through thru you – can’t want to hear about your kinkiness! Or maybe just see if I can slut up my home practice somehow. Hmmmm ;)