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yogaworks teacher training program

I have the most exciting news — I signed up last week for YogaWorks Teacher Training! Yayayaaayyyaaa!! Can you tell that I’m pleased about it?! :)

I have been wanting to do this for a very, very long time and I feel so grateful that I have the time and the means. The stars are aligned and boy, do I feel blessed!

I’m taking the 200-hour 6-month extended training, which begins this weekend and ends in August. I chose this particular training for two big reasons:

1. It’s being taught by Kia Miller

2. I know I’ll have a great opportunity to learn more, practice diligently, and absorb everything best in an extended format.

It was an absolute must that Kia be my teacher. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting her in 2008 and was able to take a few private lessons with her. She is an amazing, amazing, amazing being and I felt connected to her as soon as she walked in the room (a rare occurrence for me). I am so looking forward to soaking up her knowledge and presence and learning everything I can from her.

This is going to be an incredible journey!

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