top 5 honeys i’d love to savasana with { ohhhmmm }

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When I was in middle school and high school, I kept supersecret mental lists of boys I had crushes on — one list for celebs, one list for “real” boys. Blame my perfectionist brain. I like order. And daydreaming.

It hit me recently that it’s been too, too long since I’ve had a little girlish fun and taken stock of who rocks my socks off. Sha-boom-boom.

I could list five of the people whose brains turn me on, but it’s February, and I’m thinking with my, uhm, heart. Okay, okay. You got me. Hearty-loins. :P

top 5 honeys i’d love to savasana with:

top 5 hot guys list

  1. Jason Behr { i feel confident he’d really appreciate my Urdhva Upavishta Konasana. in a yogic way, of course. }
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio { when i saw him in Romeo + Juliet, i lost my heart forever. }
  3. Johnny Depp { today, tomorrow, and forever. }
  4. Mark Strong { sooo good @ being the hot bad guy. }
  5. Chace Crawford { the goody-nice-guy a girl likes to muss up. }

I am dying to hear YOUR Top 5s. Who would you like to ohhhhmmm with?! 

{ this is the month of love + i am determined to loosen you up, show you a good time, and encourage you to flirt with FUN. }

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30 Comments to top 5 honeys i’d love to savasana with { ohhhmmm }

  1. Oooh! I LIKE this game ;)

    1. Gerard Butler – nuff said!
    2. Clive Owens – ditto!
    3. Johnny Depp (as you said, always)
    4. Ian Somerhalder (hot AND an environmental activist)
    5. Jeff Martin (my most favourite EVER rock star of gorgeousness)

    I love that you had separate crush lists, hilarious! ;P

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooooo….
    1. Clive Owen for sure
    2. Colin Firth
    3. Alec Baldwin (at any age, I just like ‘im)
    4. Sam Elliot (he’s sexy like my hubs is sexy)
    5. L.L. Cool J

    OK, I know that’s kinda of a wide range there, but they’re all sexy…GrrrrrrrrrRowr ♥

  3. Yummy. I was so in love with Leo during Romeo and Juliet, too.
    My list
    1. James McAvoy
    2. Matt Damon
    That’s all I got.


    And, oh, well… clearly I haven’t given this enough thought…

    Thanks for giving me something to contemplate today. (And for the perma-smile that will result! :P)

  5. ok, so i thought to myself
    well, i would rather know the mind of the man; yet, for heavens sake!, i’ll flirt with fun for february of love !!!
    1} JDepp will always have my heart
    2} HJackman, esp. in austrailia
    3} HFord, no matter the age
    4} any 007’s !!!
    5} most of the batmen

  6. I wanna hold hands in savasana with:
    Johnny depp
    Vince vaugn
    Hugh jackman
    Jared Leto
    Colin Firth
    … This list is already making me feel all warm on the insides! And get that butterflies in my stomach high school girl crush going… Ah, now time to go teach…

  7. My Top 5 is hard to come up with… and I was tempted to split this into 2 lists for obvious reasons, but u know.

    1. Rachel McAdams
    2. Natalie Portman
    3. Gerard Butler
    4. Clive Owen
    5. Jessica Biel

    Johnny Depp didn’t make this list purely because my uncle looks exactly like the man… and that would be creepy.

  8. Taye Diggs
    Cedric the Entertainer
    Idris Elba
    Columbus Short
    Mos Def

    let’s just say this list rotates…there’s a president or two, a couple of old boyfriends and a whole bunch of imagination more xoxo

  9. Only 5? Okay, here goes (in no particular order):

    1. Ben Affleck, for pure all-Americanness. I can’t believe I’m admitting to that one.
    2. Hugh Jackman, because he’s a song and dance man.
    3. Javier Bardem & Oliver Martinez, because there’s no need for conversation.
    4. Eddie Vedder, surfing, singing, long hair, guitar playing.
    5. Robert Downey Jr., for reasons which are still unclear

  10. #1 has always been and forever will be Jon Bon Jovi. I still fully believe he is going to show up on my door one day and sweep me away.
    2 – Bono – he can even leave his sunglasses on if he wants
    3 – Johnny Depp – I know I have to stand in line
    4 – Anderson Cooper- but he has to hang on my every word at dinner and agree that if the world would just listen to me we’d have world peace
    5 – Kid Rock – it’s the whole bad boy thing

  11. Hey lovely… now this has turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought.

    In no particular order:

    1 Alexander Skaarsgaard (because who could be better in corpse pose than the undead – and intense!)

    2 Russell Brand – well he does yoga anyway so he’d be one lovely downward dog.

    3 Clive Owen – both in Sin City and Shoot ‘Em Up.

    4 Justin Timberlake

    5 James Marsters – another undead love

    (also Lady Gaga – bit of a curveball there maybe – and Sports Monkey… actually, I think the above are more likely to happen altho he has shown major respect for my commitment to yoga).


  12. round 2…

    Daniel Dae Kim
    Will Yun Lee
    Jason Statham
    Tadanobu Asano -the movie explains it all
    David Beckham-now that’s a “situation”
    Kid Rock-Jennifer Fields, yr abs right & he’s my homeboy

    stay tuned for round 3

  13. I’m afraid I’ll fry my brain if I fully visualize these ladies in those nice yoga pants and tops. Hup, too late.

    1. Olivia Wilde
    2. Stana Katic (mhm, Canadian)
    3. Kristin Kreuk (she said “Hi” to me one day at the yoga studio; it was everything I thought it would be)
    4. Yvonne Strahovski (she can actually kick ass; no stunt doubles needed)
    5. Zooey Deschanel (oh, those eyes)

    I’ll keep this list in mind when I head to Power tonight, though I’ll end up grinning like a doofus.

  14. River Fairy

    Read this blog this morning and had fun thinking about this today when I should have been working.

    1) Rob Lowe – left over from my high school days some crushed just never die
    2) Johnny Depp – my crush started in his 21 Jump Street days
    3)Jensen Ackles – I would love for him to protect me from monsters and other things that go bump in the night
    4) Sean Connery – I just love his voice
    5) Taylor Launter – even though I feel like a cougar admitting this and think I might now go to hell! :)

  15. I did it. I clicked on your Urdhva Upavishta Konasana link, Lo, and now I can’t stop laughing.

    Luckily for my husband, my list of celebrity crushes is comprised of guys who are either deceased or gay, or both, so he is 100% safe! Ha.

    Here goes:

    1. JFK Jr. (The only fella Id’a broken my brahmacarini vow for, on condition that he become a serious Krishna devotee and pursued me relentlessly. Okay, a girl can dream.)

    2. Errol Flynn (No, I am not 90 years old, and yes there is some sexual ambiguity there, but the man was hot. ‘Nuff said.)

    3. George Harrison (Always. *Sigh*). Too devoted to him to give his gorgeous son, Dhani, a second –make that a third– look. :)

    4. Richard Chamberlain. A childhood infatuation. Can you say, The Thornbirds? Oh, yeah.

  16. These comments are hilarious!
    1. Johnny Depp
    2. John Lennon
    3. James Franco
    4. My husband (note list placement)
    5. Barack Obama

  17. !.) Guy Pierce (hot, smart and holy accent batman!)
    2.) Lenny Kravitz (defies description although my preference would be the dreadlocked version)
    3.) Jack White (everything he touches is amazing and boy the background music would be perfect ;-) )
    4.) Ryan Kwanten (pure yum factor and does a sick Scorpion)
    5.) Russell Brand… don’t dig his choppers but he screams sex and looks bendy as hell

    runners up: Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison for the young bucks

    Joe Perry for the old ones (still screams HOTNESS)

  18. I love how this little exercise has connected me with my own hearty-loins & my capacity for lovin.’ Seriously, I was kinda cranky before reading this and it totally shifted my mood. Yay!

    I found it difficult to narrow it down to 5 but here’s what I got:

    1. Clive Owen
    2. Robert Downey Jr
    3. Jake Gyllenhaal
    4. Christian Bale
    5. Ewan McGregor

    And because I can’t help myself:

    6. Jude Law
    7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers


  19. Ooh, I wanna play!!
    1. George Harrison (preferably ’68, Maharishi-era, but whenever)

    2. Colin Firth (seeing him dripping wet in Pride and Prejudice changed my life forever)

    3. Cary Grant (is this getting weird? I don’t care. The man was a hottie).

    4. Gregory Peck (see #3. I’m not a 90 year old woman but I like the classics).

    5. Johnny Depp (’nuff said).

  20. Cate Blanchett
    Julianne Moore
    Heather Graham
    Marcia Cross
    and, having been age-appropriate so far, I’ll risk being considered pervy by adding:
    Katy Perry

  21. I’ve been racking my brain ever since I read that one. I mean, there are so many POSSIBILITIES, right?

    Ok here we go, in no particular order:
    Hugh Jackman
    Robert Downey Jr
    Christian Bale
    Jake Gyllenhall
    Takeshi Kaneshiro

    If the 5 above are not available, James Franco, Johnny Depp, Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting era) and Dennis Quaid (oh the smiiiiile) and Josh Holloway (aw Sawyer) are most welcome to sub.

  22. Old Guys
    1. Tommy Lee Jones
    2. Robert Duvall

    Real Old Guys
    3. Leonard Cohen

    Nice Young Meat
    4. George Clooney
    5. Russell Crowe

    Sigh. Delicious.

  23. Alexander Skarsgard – Yes, I would face undeath to be with him.

    Johnny Depp – Nuff said

    Bradley Whitford – West Wing era (though I still loved him in the short lived Good Guys)

    William Holden – classic

    James Garner – early 70s, Rockford Files era.

  24. Love. It.

    Okay, let’s see…
    Patrick Dempsey
    Gerard Butler
    Jim Sturgess

    It’s only three, I’m not much of a fangirl. But that’ll do.