8 ways i treat yoga class like my pro basketball career

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yoga and basketball

What, you thought yoginis couldn’t be ballers? Sigh. Players gonna play and haters gon’ hate. It’s all about Prakriti.

8 Ways I Treat Yoga Class Like My Pro Basketball Career:

  1. Walk in, high-five the energetic mascots behind the counter.
  2. Slip off street kicks and put on *magic* shoes { feet! }.
  3. Sidestep the hos who just want me for my yoga championship rings.
  4. Warm up like a boss. No posturing, jus biznass. Okay, maybe a leetle peacocking.
  5. Smugly ogle the dudes in tight shorts yoga dance team.
  6. Listen to Coach and follow directions with respect and reverence.
  7. And the crowd goes WILD…with chanting at the end.
  8. Remember to:
  • Be own biggest fan
  • Live in the moment
  • Play with heart

I think I hear the Globetrotters calling.

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6 Comments to 8 ways i treat yoga class like my pro basketball career

  1. rere — always a pleasure to see you here. ;)

    nikki — you are a shining example of playing with heart, miss.

    brittany — thank you, sweets! comments like that make my day!

    miss bee — lmao!